We are all living through an extraordinary time, so first and foremost, we hope you and those you care about are keeping safe and well. While facing so much uncertainty, one thing we want to make sure of is that British Judo will rise again and we look forward to starting back as soon as we can.

In the meantime, we want our clubs to keep in contact with their members and, where possible, to encourage them to stay active and engage them in judo activities.

We recognise that many judoka would have been preparing for their next grade but were unfortunately not able to complete the process before lockdown commenced and social distancing implemented. There is also recognition that many members will be trying to remain active and may find working towards a grading motivational.

With these factors in mind, the BJA are relaxing the rules and allowing clubs the option of grading their members remotely during lockdown. There will be no grading fee, and only one grade will be allowed, e.g. 3rd Mon to 4th Mon etc.and the time in grade will be waived.

Therefore, with immediate effect, all coaches that are authorised to carry out Mon and Kyu gradings may now grade their Mon and Kyu grade players by one grade only during this unprecedented period resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. It will be up to the coach what preparation the member needs to complete and how to carry out the grading assessments.

How Will It Work?


There is NO grading fee!


Only one grade will be allowed, e.g. 3rd Mon to 4th Mon etc. The time in grade requirement will be waived. The coach must first ascertain the current grade as registered on The Dojo.

Submitting The Grade

The grading can be recorded in one of two ways:

  1. By completing the online registration form and submitting to the BJA.
  2. By completing the grade registration form and sending a copy by email to sarah.walker@britishjudo.org.uk

The Dojo

Coaches will be unable to submit gradings using the Dojo but will be able to check the members record after submission of the online form to see that the grade has been registered.

Coaches will be trusted to carry out the grading in whatever way suits the individual circumstances; some examples are:

  1. Similarly, to the way school academic results are being calculated. The coaches can use their existing knowledge of the judoka’s prior knowledge and achievement to assess and then award a promotion if appropriate.
  2. If a judoka had completed all their syllabus but had not been examined or were awaiting the minimum time in grade, the coach can use their judgement to award a promotion.
  3. Where judoka has not been prepared for their grading, coaches can set tasks such as getting the judoka to study the BJA grading videos (links below).

Then carry out a verbal test or a video assessment of a demonstration in a safe environment using shadow judo (Tandoku Renshu) to demonstrate the technique actions.

Ensure that the judoka is aware of their surroundings to eliminate the possibility of an accident and where necessary that there is adult supervision.


It is up to the club how they want to present the grading results, for example:

  • belts and certificates can be presented when the judoka returns to Judo
  • presentation could be carried out virtually over social media
  • the judoka’s record book can be signed on return to Judo
  • coaches should keep a record of all promotions submitted

Grading Resources

BJA Grading Videos

Sho Grading Syllabus Videos

1st – 9th Mon Syllabus Videos *

* Please view the introductory video before beginning the syllabus and activities.

If you have any questions about the scheme, please contact Dave Horton-Jones (Head of Grading Development) on 07977 688 491 or at dave.hortonjones@britishjudo.org.uk