Coping Strategies for Christmas: Accessing Support and Resources

The holiday season is often portrayed as a time of joy and celebration.

However, for many individuals, it can be a challenging period filled with loneliness, grief, or mental health struggles. Recognising this, various support networks and resources exist to assist those who may find the festive season difficult to navigate.

Safeguarding and Support Courses

For parents concerned about their child’s safety in sports, the CPSU offers an e-learning course on keeping children safe in sport. Additionally, monthly clinics and training sessions are available to review policies and ensure a safe environment within clubs.

Counselling and Mental Health Support

Organisations like Mind, Age UK, and Beat offer helplines and face-to-face services, providing invaluable support for individuals experiencing mental health challenges. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, or eating disorders, these organisations offer guidance and a listening ear throughout the festive period.

Specialised Support for Various Needs

Specific groups, such as veterans needing mental health support from Combat Stress, LGBTQ+ individuals seeking advice from the LGBT Foundation, or men dealing with domestic abuse through the Men’s Advice Line, have dedicated helplines and resources available during Christmas and throughout the year.

Grief and Bereavement Support

For those coping with the loss of a loved one, organisations like Cruse Bereavement Support, Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (SOBS), and The Compassionate Friends offer emotional support and practical guidance to navigate the challenges of the season.

Financial and Practical Assistance

During the festive season, financial strain can exacerbate stress. Services such as MoneyHelper and The Trussell Trust offer free advice, emergency food support, and practical assistance for those in need.

Immediate Crisis Support

Recognising the urgency of immediate assistance, services like Samaritans, Shout, and NHS 111 provide 24/7 helplines for individuals facing crises, ensuring that support is available round the clock.

Specialised Communities and Helplines

Other organisations, including Switchboard for LGBTQ+ support, Tommy’s for those affected by stillbirth and premature birth, and Stand Alone for adults estranged from their families, offer tailored support for unique circumstances.

The Silver Line

Additionally, for individuals aged over 55 who may feel isolated or lonely during the festive season, The Silver Line provides companionship, advice, and a listening ear, available 24/7.

Recognising the diversity of struggles individuals might face, these resources aim to provide assistance and a sense of community, ensuring that no one feels alone during what can be a challenging time of year. Whether it’s mental health support, grief counseling, or practical aid, these organisations and helplines stand ready to provide guidance and assistance to anyone in need.