Contest Rules Module for Coaches, Athletes and Referees Draws a Great Crowd

The first in the series of the “Contest Rules” module drew 86 bookings which created some excellent debate.

The module was led by International Referee and British Judo staff member Keith Merrick, with expert technical support from Lisa and Martin Rivers.

The module topics were related to the intricacies of scoring during a match and identifying the sometimes subtle but match changing small details.

The module went through the criteria for Ippon and Waza-ari in all of the different formats with some very interesting EJU video to support the detail being put forward and giving the participants opportunity to test their understanding.

The module was attended by coaches, athletes and referees at all levels, with coaches receiving a revalidation credit for their attendance.

Keith extends his appreciation for the positive feedback received, the support from Lisa and Martin in answering the technical questions throughout and said he looks forward to the next session on 27th January 2021.