BJA Coaching Courses Return to Northern Ireland

Last weekend twenty-nine trainee coaches attended Northern Ireland Judo’s (NIJF) first BJA Level 1 course since Covid-19 struck back in March 2020. It was a fantastic weekend delivered by newly trained BJA tutors and assessors, Russell Brown (NIJF Chair) and Bill Taggart (BJA NRC Chair) with the assistance of British Judo’s Deputy Sport Director, Joyce Heron.

Coach education and the training of new coaches is paramount if judo is to grow across the UK in areas where inequality and social economic issues exist. Being visible in communities, having more coaches that can identify with our target audiences and delivering a quality product is important to us going forward. It is envisaged that these coaches will be instrumental in expanding the Northern Ireland judo family as they move and develop through the coaching pathway.

NIJF Chair Russell Brown said: “As chairman of the Northern Ireland Judo Federation, I would like to extend my grateful thanks to the BJA, for their time and commitment, in training both Bill and I. Also for the professional unstinting support to all we do here in the Northern Ireland.

“From a personal point of view, whilst delivering the BJA Level 1 Coaching Course over the weekend, alongside my co-tutor Bill, I felt honoured to be in a position to encourage, inspire and impart knowledge to the attendees, in whom I have no doubts, will become credible fully fledged coaches in the near future and in doing so will become great assets for the NIJF itself. I would also like to state that, with Joyce Heron, The BJA’s Deputy Sports Director being there to look after us both over the weekend, I felt completely at ease and welcomed advice from Joyce during the delivery, it was offered in such a supportive and nurturing way that it immensely advanced and fine-tuned our tutoring techniques.”

BJA NRC Chair Bill Taggart said: “I really enjoyed taking part in the course…course candidates made the course for me with their interaction and enthusiasm.”