What is a Registered Venue?

Registered Venues are defined as the location of sessions that are delivered outside of the main Member Club venue. These sessions take place weekly and last for longer than a term (or 12 weeks) in duration.

Is my Registered Venue Insured?

Yes, as long as a satisfactory risk assessment has been carried out on the Registered Venue by a valid BJA Level 2 qualified coach and copies held by the main Member Club. Sessions must be delivered by a valid BJA qualified Level 1 or above coach.

Who is responsible for each Registered Venue?

The directive and overall responsibility of Registered Venues lies with the main Member Club.

Which club name will participant licences at the Registered Venue get recorded under?

Currently, you may choose whether to register participants under your main Member Club or the Registered Venue.

How do we register a new Registered Venue?

To affiliate a new Registered Venue, please click here and select “Registered Venue” under Club Type.