The Fighting Chance Project’s Yellow Belt Challenge is a British Judo partnered programme that works with grass roots community judo clubs to engage young people from disadvantaged and vulnerable backgrounds.

The Fighting Chance Project believes that by introducing young people to the positive activity of judo, they can make new friends, learn new skills, earn grades and build greater levels of confidence. This can help them go on to achieve greater levels of success in other aspects of their lives.

How does it work?

The project is open to 11-25 year olds from disadvantaged and vulnerable backgrounds, who can sign up to the Yellow Belt Challenge for FREE here.

Within days of signing up you will receive your very own Yellow Belt Challenge pack in the post. This pack will give you all the information you need to beat your challenge and will also invite you to attend your local judo club where your journey will begin.

In addition to the pack, you will also receive:

  • One FREE judo session
  • 12 months FREE membership to British Judo
  • FREE gradings up to yellow belt (up to 4)
  • One FREE judo suit

You will then work your way through the gradings scheme with the support of your judo club before finally conquering the challenging by achieving your yellow belt.

What are the benefits for the judo club?

When your club signs up to the Yellow Belt Challenge, you will be helping change the lives of these young people. The judo club will also benefit from having additional members and increase income through mat fees.

It is also FREE for your club to become a Fighting Chance judo club, the only commitment is to engage young people and fully integrate them into your club.

How can I register our club for the Yellow Belt Challenge?

Judo clubs can register for the Yellow Belt Challenge here.

For more information about the Yellow Belt Challenge contact Karen French.