The Clubmark journey

The process of working towards Clubmark will be a fantastic learning experience for judo clubs and provide a number of benefits and rewards to club coaches, volunteers and members.

Clubmark provides a framework for clubs in which to shape their development around. Establishing a robust committee of volunteers that have defined roles and clear understanding of club policies and procedures is one of the first key areas explored. Encouraged alongside this is the recognition and training of these volunteers to develop and grow their confidence which in part contribute to greater retention of them in their roles.

Accredited Clubmark clubs

Benefits from British Judo

  • FREE Recreation Licence (or £20 off full year) for the appointed Club Welfare Officer

  • Exclusive use of the Clubmark logo

  • Clubmark Award certificate valid for 3 years

  • Exclusive access to the School2Dojo (School - club links)

  • Listed as a quality approved club on the British Judo and National Clubmark websites

  • British Judo Regional Delivery Officer support with grant and funding applications

  • An article on the British Judo website congratulating the club on achieving Clubmark Accreditation

*Terms and conditions apply

Wider Benefits

  • Closer relationships with Schools and Local Authorities

    Schools are more frequently looking for guarantees of quality in any sporting club that it promotes or links its school to. Clubmark provides a kitemark to these schools that a club has in place a quality environment for children and young people and therefore Clubmark clubs are usually first to be recommended by schools.

  • Priority booking for venue hire

    Some leisure operators and local authorities provide facility hire discount to clubs that have achieved the Clubmark award

  • Access to the Sainbury’s Active Kids

    Clubmark clubs have access to the Sainsbury’s Active Kids scheme where they can benefit from a range of resources and equipment

However, clubs that fail to revalidate their Clubmark award every three years will not be eligible for the benefits above.