Email is a great way to keep members and subscribers updated with all the latest news from your judo club.

You can create attractive newsletters that are distributed on a regular basis or one off broadcasts to promote a particular event.

Email Marketing Providers

MailChimpMailrelay and Reach Mail offer free of charge services which you can use to send out large email broadcasts and newsletters.

You may need to pay to access all the features that these platforms provide, so make sure you understand what you are signing up for when you register.

Setting up a Newsletter

Most email marketing providers will have a have a selection of newsletter templates which you can edit to suit your needs.

It is important to ensure that you have a sufficient amount of relevant and informative content that your recipients will find useful and beneficial. This may include a ‘save the date’ notice for your club’s end of year awards or a new coach being announced at your club.

If your club has any sponsors or partners, take the opportunity to publicise them by including their details in your newsletter.

Try and ensure that all of the content in your newsletter has is concise and has a clear and engaging call to action that links them to your club’s website. This will save space in the newsletter for other content and will help keep it neat and tidy visually. Hyperlinks such as “Read more >>>” and “More info here” are good ways to link people through to your club’s website.

Open and Click Through Rates

We receive several emails every day of which we only stop and open a handful of them. Most email marketing providers will give you statistical feedback on your newsletters’ performance. This includes:

  • Open Rate – Percentage of people that opened the newsletter from the total number of people it was sent to
  • Click Through Rate – Percentage of people that clicked on a link contained within the newsletter
  • Unsubscribers – Number of people that unsubscribed from your mailing list that will no longer receive your newsletters

If you have a high open rate but a low click through rate it means that people that open your newsletters are not finding them engaging. If you have a high rate of unsubscribers you will need to look into why they could be unsubscribing and make necessary changes to your newsletters design and content. If you have a low open rate you might want to experiment sending out your newsletters at different times of day and the text within the subject line.