A brand is method that helps to distinguish a one organisation from another to create a lasting impression in the minds of customers.

Logos, different colours and patterns, fonts, themes, values and slogans are all examples of branding that judo clubs can use to promote themselves.


A clear and attractive is central to a club looking to develop its brand.

You don’t have to be an artist to create your club’s logo. GraphicSprings, Free Logo Design, Design Mantic, Logomakr and Logotype Maker are all free online services which you can use to create your club’s own unique logo.

Clothing and Merchandise

Producing branding club clothing is a great way to get your club seen in the local community as well creating a team bond between your club’s members.

Selling merchandise with the club’s branding is also a way to bring some extra money into the club.


Once you created a logo and had a think about how you want your club’s brand to look, you should create a set of guidelines so that everyone at the club understands how the club’s brand and branding works.

Creating and adhering to these guidelines helps to keep the branding consistent across all of your club’s activities and platforms from the website to the colour of the dojo’s walls.