JudoTots is a FUN and exciting activity which the child can engage in structured sessions that can improve their confidence, physical fitness and social skills with an experienced British Judo coach.

The benefits of judo for the child is the introduction to a fun physical activity that can improve, physical and psychological confidence, body awareness, general fitness, coordination, basic age-related strength, fundamental movement patterns and judo falls in a safe environment that provides the opportunity to socially interact with other children in a cooperative manner.

Self-discipline is also a unique feature that is taught through the values of this Japanese sport:

The Judo Tots licence membership fee is a one off £5.00 membership payment that also covers parent/guardian to work alongside the child where the session allows for this. On turning 5-years the child will be able to join our Judo Kids (Under 8s) membership programme.

Sessions will be run by qualified BJA Coaches – meets all revalidation requirements including DBS checks.

Sessions will focus on the fundamentals of judo including:

– Learning the basic movement skills of judo through play,
– Building confidence,
– Developing balance and co-ordination,
– Interacting socially and learn to co-operate with other children,
– Developing focus and concentration

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