During the early part of 2019 Sport England conducted a review of the Clubmark Scheme and as a result the programme came to an end in November 2019.


Why did Sport England review the scheme?

Over a period of four months Sport England undertook a review into the Clubmark scheme. This independent review was needed to explore the efficiency, effectiveness and continued suitability of Clubmark as a way of promoting and raising standards within sports clubs and community organisations. Some of the core reasons for commissioning a review included:

  • Reduced capacity of some NGBs to support their clubs through the Clubmark process.
  • NGBs increasingly moving to their own branded version of Clubmark and/or capturing the core information that Clubmark promotes through affiliation.
  • Active Partnerships having less capacity and strategic need to be a license holder
  • Consideration of the need for Sport England to administer club accreditation in light of our current strategy

What were the recommendations?

As a result of the review, it was decided that Sport England would cease the accreditation portion of Clubmark on the 30th November 2019 for the following reasons;

  • Clubmark is no longer either an effective development tool, that can be effectively used by all sports, or a standards kitemark.
  • Due to the detailed nature of Clubmark, and the time needed, it cannot be used effectively by all license holders and as a result of the accreditation element it is seen as end point as opposed to springboard to further development
  • It is currently not accessible for the wider community sports sector and as such lacks a clear purpose in the current strategic landscape.
  • There are elements of the existing scheme which, at its creation, were positioned as ‘best practice’ (safeguarding/duty of care and governance) which are now deemed to be essential aspects of any club’s operations
  • Instead of accrediting clubs, more effort should be spent in supporting the differing needs and sizes of wider physical activity providers, to develop their structures and offers.

What does this mean for the British Judo Association?

British Judo have conducted a review of its own Clubmark through consulting with clubs (via the BJA Club Survey) and internally across both BJA Development staff and the safeguarding team. A decision was made to keep our award on hold in 2020 and consider the benefits of implementing a new programme in 2021.

If you have any further questions please email clubmark@britishjudo.org.uk.