Clubs Urged to Celebrate World Judo Day

Today on World Judo Day (Tuesday 28 November) British Judo is encouraging clubs up and down the country to celebrate the birthday of Jigoro Kano, the founding father of our sport, writes Donna Richardson.

Message from Marius L Vitzer, President of the International Judo Federation 

“On the occasion of the World Judo Day I would like to congratulate the entire world judo community and I would like to thank you, in the name of the International Judo Federation, for your entire activities during this year and implicitly, for the results achieved at sports level and not only, wishing you at the same time a lot of success and the same level of application in the project of continuous development of international Judo. I congratulate you and I wish you all the best!”

Clubs get involved

CSS Judo Club, based in Wymsewold is the newest British Judo Association (BJA) club and they plan to throw a huge party for the junior class to celebrate this evening.

Head coach Ian Cox, 31, from Burton on the Wolds, who has also ran Loughborough University for the past seven years set about establishing his own club for the community earlier this year.

In July Ian converted part of an industrial unit behind the Formula1 Racing Track in Wymsewold into a modern dojo and is now looking forward to welcoming new members.

The club’s junior mat sessions on Tuesday evenings are popular with many children from the local area and now the main focus is on attracting more adults to forming a club.

The club is offering an eight week course of taster sessions on a Friday evening along with randori sessions.

Ian, who competed at national and international level back in his day, said: “Judo is all about having fun and we want to join in the celebrations for world judo day. We are very much a community club and we want more adults to also join in. Parents and their friends are also welcome.”

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Bring your kids down 18:30 – 19:30 for a free judo session. Adults come down for a free session 20:00 – 21:30.

Meanwhile, Kendal Judo Club is celebrating World Judo Day by travelling to the Isle of Mann. A large group of 15 kids have travelled over by ferry to the island where they are celebrating World Judo Day with members of Douglas Judo Club.  Two youngsters William and Charlie Mugan who have recently joined the BJA as novices were awarded their red belts on World Judo Day. 

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Celebrating World Judo Day

A spokeswoman for British Judo said: “International Judo Day is held every year to celebrate the birthday of Jigoro Kano – the founding father of judo. We are glad to see the clubs getting behind World Judo Day and we would like to encourage our many judo clubs up and down the country to join the celebration.

“This year’s theme is honour and Kano dedicated himself had a burning desire to learn, improve and set new goals for himself. CSS are a new club and we are delighted to see them being proactive and raising awareness of judo in the community. British Judo values the principles of enjoyment, fair play, friendship, knowledge, respect and responsibility as well as discipline, not only for our sport, but within the community as a whole. We wish you all a happy World Judo Day.”

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