To aid clubs with their return to the sport, we have put together a range of digital and print collateral that clubs will be able to download, personalise and post across a range of social media channels.

If you find a graphic that you would like to use, simply click on the image to open up the full resolution version and select “Save As” to download it.

For the personalised collateral, you will be required to download these materials as a PDF and amend the details in Adobe Reader. When you are happy with the information being displayed simply head over to “Save As” and save the assets as JPEG files ready to be used across social media.

You will notice that some materials include a QR code on the artwork. This will allow a shortcut for members signing up to the free Introductory membership. All members will be required to do is open the Camera app on their smartphone and hold it up to the barcode and it will offer the user the opportunity to open the sign up page to complete the registration.

At the bottom of the page, there is a feedback form if you feel that you require something more bespoke creating and we can try and meet these requests as soon as possible.

Introductory Membership Offer


Why Judo?

Editable Collateral

The posters are downloadable PDF files that can be edited and saved at home. You can edit the posters to amend session details and times, name and address for your club along with personalising with your club logo.

Once you are happy with your poster, simply click “Save As” and you can select either JPEG or PDF file depending on the use of the materials.

Looking for something different? Let us know!

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