Inaugural Club Accelerator Day Huge Success!


British Judo hosted its first Club Accelerator Day on the 4th June at High Wycombe Judo Centre. The inaugural event provided a platform for members to come together in a focused and energetic environment to collectively propel their club’s growth and potential.

Led in collaboration with former British Cycling Director of Coaching, Education & Development, John Mills, the workshop was attended by individuals representing 16 clubs on the day.

To kick off the day, the British Judo Club Support Team made up of Nick Shepherd, Maddie Thompson, and Laurence Kenyon provided an update on the Association and what was in store on the Club Accelerator Day agenda.

The two-hour workshop was packed full of positive discussions and conversations about improving all aspects of club management. Discussions were particularly centered around financial sustainability, people management, marketing and communication functions and club programs.

Following a networking lunch, the afternoon session consisted of a series of presentations delivered by insight speakers from Sarah Down from NEST Management, Nicole & Joe Nunn from Bishops Stortford Judokwai & 2x Paralympic medallist Ian Rose from Micklefield Judo Club.

Many participants were pleased with the day’s content, commenting on how informative the workshop was whilst it also provided an excellent opportunity to network with others.

One participant on the day shared their feedback of the Club Accelerator Day.

“It was great to hear the success stories of clubs backed up by evidence of what it takes. The day wasn’t what I expected, it excelled my expectations.”

Based on the feedback taken from the participants after the event, 100% of participants who completed the form agreed that the workshop met their expectations and would also recommend the Club Accelerator Day to others.

The Club Accelerator Day stands out as a powerful tool to drive progress and development within judo. By bringing members together in a friendly and focused environment, clubs can harness their collective skills, creativity, and determination.

With this transformative event, clubs can accelerate their journey towards success, paving the way for a vibrant and thriving future. The launch event’s success bolsters the continuation of further Club Accelerator Days that will be hosted in the coming months.

British Judo Development Director Karen Roberts commented:

“We are delighted with the resounding success achieved through our first British Judo Club Accelerator Day. Our ambition to listen to and provide our clubs with the support they need, sat at the heart of the day. We believe this event has opened a network of channels which our clubs will benefit from and the British Judo Club Accelerator Day marks the beginning of a collaborative approach to club support. The team and I feel privileged to be part of this new exciting chapter.”


Details of the next Club Accelerator Day which is due to take place in July, will be shared in due course.