Please note the following changes to the England Programme for 2020/2021:

We intend to run an England Closed Championships at the beginning of September 2020, the ETD and REDS squad will be formed after this event.

The England Calendar will run in alignment with the academic year from September 2020.  This allows us to:

  • Form a squad and to build relationships with athletes and coaches prior to the Cadet and Junior Selection events.
  • Move the player profiling from January to September
  • Consider co-options after the British Championships

Over the coming weeks we will be circulating our policies for 2020.  You will see that the annual fees reflect that this squad will only run until the end of August.

To confirm the 2020 squad will be formed after the 2019 British Championships and will run until August 2020.

The 2021 Policy will start from September 2020 and run until August 2021.

What is the England Judo Programme?