Change to Kata Examination forms and resources

Following three years of very successful operation under the auspices of the National Promotions Commission, the BJA National Kata Group has now been given full Commission status.

Under the Group’s leadership, kata has been revitalised across British Judo with courses and certification exams being held regularly in seven Kodokan kata and in BJA Gonosen-no-kata.  Over the same period, there has also been a substantial increase in the number of kata-certified British judoka and the number of Kata Examiners and Senior Kata Examiners to support this development.  Interest has also grown in competition kata, with tournaments being held at both area and national levels, and keen GB kata pairs travelling overseas to compete and develop their skills in this growing aspect of judo.

Given this progress and the overall increase in kata skills and knowledge across British Judo, the Commission has decided to change the requirements for certification at Level 4 in any kata by introducing a new fully transparent and open process, whilst preserving the very high standard of this qualification. Candidates for Level 4 certification are required to perform the kata as both Tori and Uke, with a percentage mark of 80%, the minimum score required to succeed in a Level 4 exam.  Level 4 examinations may be conducted by a member of the National Kata Commission, a National Kata Judge, or two Senior Kata Examiners working together.  At the same time, the Commission has introduced “Flow” as an additional marking criterion in each kata being examined for certification.  Through this criterion, the examiners can provide an assessment of the overall fluidity of movement and progression within the kata.

Further details can be found in the kata area of the British Judo website.

National Kata Course 2023

The Kata Commission would also like to highlight the National Kata Course 2023 being held over the weekend of 25-26 November 2023 and hosted by the Southern Area.  The course is again being held at the Army School of Physical Training, Aldershot, Hampshire and will be led by Yoshihiko Iura Kodokan 8th dan, supported by members of the BJA Kata Group.

The course will cover Ju-no-kata (Saturday 25 November) and Kodokan Goshin-jutsu (Sunday 26 November). Multiple pathways for obtain kata certification will be provided to so interested judoka.

Further details can be found in the Events Calendar of the British Judo website or by clicking on this link.

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