Centre of Excellence for British Judo goes to Tender

Facilities across England are being invited to tender to become British Judo’s Centre of Excellence.

Following the findings of an independent performance review published last month, one of the key recommendations was to establish a Centre of Excellence for the sport in England to complete British Judo’s performance network.

A tender document, designed from research undertaken with the support of UK Sport, has now been released. It highlights the requirements for an easily accessible site, which will focus on delivering a centralised training programme to the association’s 17-22 year old athletes with the vision that the centre would evolve into the main centralised training facility for the sport.

The centre will aim to provide a world‐class training environment and services that players aspire to and benefit from, with space to enable the hosting of training camps and accommodation on site or at a location within reasonable distance. It will also be in an area in England where access is easy to a strong club infrastructure which provides support to the elite performers, developing and club players.

British Judo’s Chief Executive, Andrew Scoular said: “To achieve our goal of becoming one of the top five judo nations in the world, we need to develop a talent programme for the future on a centralised basis. This requires significant facilities and additional support services.”

Closing date for all tenders to be received is Thursday 14 February

The Tender should include:
• Full proposal of offer against the specification within the Tender Document (this could take the form of a presentation with pictures/videos etc. of the facilities and services)
• Highlight any additional elements/offers/evidence to support the bid
• Full identification of costs and budget across four years 2013-17

Download a copy of the full tender document

The Tenders should be submitted to:


Andrew Scoular
Chief Exeuctive
British Judo Association
Suite B, Technology Centre
Epinal Way
LE11 3GE

Or by email to: andrew.scoular@britishjudo.org.uk

Enquiries: 01509 631690