Centre of Excellence Closed for Foreseeable Future

Following discussions with the Performance Leadership Team (PLT) and listening to the advice from the Government and Public Health England, British Judo have made a decision with regards to its World Class Performance Programme to close the British Judo Centre of Excellence with immediate effect.

This decision has been made in the best interest for the safety and health of all athletes, staff and the extended families, both within and outside of the Judo Community.

All WCPP staff will work from home and the programme will remain fully operational during this closure period with daily PLT meetings to review the COVID-19 ever evolving situation, alongside weekly Coaching and staff meetings to ensure that the athletes continue to receive the best support possible as they train in their home environments.

As we continue to maintain our focus on the preparation and qualification of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, all athletes will continue to train with a modified, but creative programme to ensure that once we return back to a full-time programme at the British Judo Centre of Excellence, they would have continued to make individual personal gains in readiness to resume back to a full training programme.

Additionally, all athletes will continue to receive mental health and well-being support in what will be a difficult and uncertain time.

British Judo Performance Director, Nigel Donohue confirmed “As a combat sport, that as we know, is a physically intense contact sport, we needed to make a decision now to ensure that we prioritise the safety and health of all of our athletes and Performance Team, plus their extended families who they will come into contact with.”

“It is vitally important that in this unprecedented situation that the family comes first and Judo second, but with the careful consideration and the understanding of the needs of all athletes, especially the athletes in preparation for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

“Additionally, all athletes and staff have been asked to get creative and hopefully inspire everyone via social media, on what can be achieved during times of adversity.”

“We will get through this very difficult and uncertain period but will ensure that all of our team stay safe and well, in readiness for their return back to the British Judo Centre of Excellence”.

The British Judo Centre of Excellence will remain closed for the foreseeable future and all GB Squad activity has been suspended. The Performance Leadership Team will review and monitor the situation on a daily basis and will only confirm a reopening date for the British Judo Centre of Excellence upon following the Government, Public Health England and our Medical Team guidelines and advice.

Prior to reopening, the British Judo Centre of Excellence will go through a deep clean process in readiness for the return of athletes, staff and all GB Squad activity.

Stay safe and British Judo wishes everyone the very best for their health and well-being.