Capitalising on the Commonwealth Games – is your club ready?

The spotlight will be on judo with six sessions taking place between 23 July and 26 July at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. With so many people watching the games live, whether at the stadium or via the extensive BBC coverage, it presents a fantastic opportunity to bring in new people to our sport. 

We’ve put together this short guide to help get your creative juices flowing and promote your club to the potential new judoka across the country. 

Ensure your details are up to date

Make sure your details are up to date on our club finder (if they’re not contact us). Make sure your session times are and your contact details are current. Also, check your own website, social media profiles if you have them to make sure everything is current. 


Commonwealth Games Poster

Using your free club marketing materials

We’ve developed a new poster specifically for our judo clubs to use during the Commonwealth Games. Featuring the England Judo team for the Commonwealth Games, the poster can be customised with your own club session times and location. If you’ve not registered for Club Marketing, you can do so here. If you have but you’re not sure how it all works, take a look at the video guide here and download the PDF walkthrough here.

Customise and download your free poster here >>>


Consider hosting a beginners course or a taster session

Beginners courses are a great introduction to the sport of judo for those enticed in to the sport after the Commonwealth Games. By running a specific beginner course or taster session you can teach the basics once to the group and you are more likely to retain higher numbers as you have a critical mass. Advertising your course locally or online using our free posters can give you a great boost in numbers at your club. Find out more here >>>


Host a screening of the games and invite everyone along

You could even make a full social event out of it – host a Commonwealth Games themed BBQ where you challenge people to bring food from across the Commonwealth, have a Commonwealth Games quiz night, or even go all out with some Commonwealth Games fancy dress, with everybody dressed as the different nations. A big social event is a great way to build a community at your club, and the Commonwealth Games provides a great opportunity for it.


Holding a club challenge

Why not spice up your normal club session with a Commonwealth Games special! Judo Scotland have some great dojo ideas here.


Whatever you decide to do, let us know on facebook or twitter so we can share your great events. Also, if you do consider running an event, get in touch with your local Service Manager to see what support may be available – you can find your local Service Manager here.

Above all else, enjoy the games! Find all the latest Commonwealth Games news here >>>


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