Cancellation of European Judo Championships confirmed following the decision by the European Judo Union to withdraw hosting rights from British Judo

Following the European Judo Union’s (EJU) withdrawal of the event, and despite British Judo’s best attempts for that decision to be reconsidered, British Judo has been left with no alternative other than for the event to be cancelled. 

The decision is hugely disappointing with so many people having worked for nearly two years to deliver what would have been a truly world class event that was due to take place in just 7 weeks’ time.

A sponsorship agreement was cited as the reason to pull the event by the EJU in all direct communications with British Judo up until Friday 13 February. Despite the sponsor’s agreement to stand down and the hope this action would ensure the Championships were restored, the EJU confirmed its intention to withdraw hosting rights for the event on Friday 13 February.

Following discussions with the board of British Judo, Chairman Kerrith Brown, said, “It is with great reluctance and disappointment that I have to confirm the cancellation of the forthcoming European Championships in Glasgow following the EJU’s decision to withdraw the hosting rights. Our only aim since being awarded the honour of hosting the Championships in June 2013 was to work with our partners to deliver a hugely successful celebration of the sport and we were on track to do just that with only 7 weeks to go until the event.

      “British Judo believes that throughout its partnership with the EJU in planning the upcoming Championships, it has consistently acted in a professional and diligent manner, based on what we feel is in the best interests of the sport and the athletes competing at the European Championships. The Championships are a critical competition in the qualification for Rio 2016 and so in light of the withdrawal of the event, we felt there is no alternative other than for an alternative host to be found.

      “Our biggest disappointment in confirming this news is for the spectators and volunteers that we know were so looking forward to another world class judo event in Glasgow. Our priorities are to now ensure immediate and effective communication with all our stakeholders to update them on the current position and make sure our elite coaching teams have all the support they need to best prepare our athletes for the Championships.”

All ticket holders will be contacted immediately with event cancellation details and full ticket refunds provided automatically. Any enquiries from ticket holders or volunteers can be emailed to      

British Judo has taken legal advice and instructed lawyers to communicate with the EJU and so will make no additional comments until further notice. 

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