British Schools Adaptive and Visually Impaired Championships 2019 Entry Form

British Schools Adaptive and VI National Championships 2019

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  • Entry £30.00 per entrant. Entry Fee only payable using credit card or debit card. Cheques and cash will not be accepted.
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    As the entrant or parent/ carer/ guardian of the above mentioned entrant, I confirm that the above player is a pupil at the above mentioned School and confirm that I am in agreement with him/her participating in the 2019 British Schools Adaptive and Visually Impaired Championships.
    I am the above-mentioned competitor’s parent/carer/guardian, and I hereby confirm that he/she has my authorisation to participate in the British Schools Adaptive and Visually Impaired Judo Championships 2019. I further confirm and warrant that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the competitor is able to participate in the Judo event. In permitting the competitor to participate, I am specifically granting my permission to the British Judo Association to use the competitor’s likeness, name, voice and words in television radio, film, newspaper, magazines and other media and in any form for the purpose of advertising or communicating the purposes and activities of Adaptive Judo in the British Judo Association and/or for applying for funds to support these purposes. If a medical emergency should arise during the competitor’s participation in this event at a time when I am not personally present to be consulted regarding the competitor’s care, I hereby authorise the Competition Organiser on my behalf to take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that the competitor is provided with any emergency medical treatment, including hospitalisation, which the Competition Organiser deems advisable in order to protect the competitor’s health and well being. I, being the above-mentioned competitor’s parent/carer/guardian hereby give permission for the above named athlete to participate in this event.
    By completing and checking the box above, You firstly agree that You are the Entrant or if not, You have been given permission by the Entrant to complete and sign this form on their behalf. You also agree that by completing this form, that the Entrant meets the minimum grade requirement, that the Entrant is of a reasonable standard to compete at this level of event and that the Entrant have participated at similar level competitions to gain experience of competing at a National Event(s).

    If You agree to all of the above statement, please tick the box and sign below. If You do not agree with any of the above statement, then you will not be able to proceed with this entry. Please note, the BJA have the right to assess all entrants for this event and if it is felt that a competitor is not of the required standard, the BJA have the right to withdraw them from this competition. By agreeing to this you are allowing the BJA to update your contact details with those provided. Any issues with the above please contact By entering the event, all participants and parents or guardians of participants are consenting to photography/filming which may be taken by the BJA or an official BJA contractor at the event. You also accept that these photographs or video may be used in future BJA publications or published by the contractors in order to promote the positive aspect of our sport. If you wish to withdraw your consent at any time, please contact or contact a member of BJA staff at the event. For further information on how we handle your data, please read our Privacy Notice: