This is a Level 3 Development event for all Academic Years and is not open to the following:

Any player who has won any medal at the British Minors Championships in the last two years (October 2016-September/October 2017) or who has won any medal at the British Pre-Cadet Championships or British Cadet Championships or British Junior Championships in the last two years (December 2016-December 2017).   EXCEPTION: any medallist who won less than two contests IS eligible.

This event is open to all school children who comply with the criteria above and hold a current valid license of the BJA, Judo Scotland, NIJF, WJA, AJA or BJC. If any player is a member of any other association, then the player must send a copy of their association’s insurance policy to or via post at British Judo, Suite B, Loughborough Technology Centre, Epinal Way, Loughborough LE11 3GE.  No entry can be accepted without proof of insurance.

If you are unsure that your insurance will be accepted at this event, please contact Rob Hartley on 01509 631673.

Priority Entry Players:

Gold and Silver medalists from the Regional Schools Championships will qualify for a priority entry to the 2018 British Schools Championships. Even if you have achieved priority entry, it is your responsibility to meet the British Schools Championships minimum requirement.

Players are able to change weight categories between the Regional Schools Championships and British Schools Championships.

Entry Information Forms:

British Schools Championships 2018 – Entry Information

British Schools Special Needs and Visually Impaired Championships 2018 – Entry Information

Guide to the British Schools Championships


Directions to EIS Sheffield EIS, SheffieldColeridge Road, Sheffield, S9 5DA Tel: 0114 2235600:

From M1 (travelling North)

Leave motorway at junction 34 (Sheffield Meadowhall). At the roundabout follow signs A6178 City Centre and Attercliffe. Go past Meadowhall Shopping Centre on your right. Keep straight on this road. Go past the Sheffield Arena on your left. Keep straight on this road (Attercliffe Road). EIS Sheffield is on Coleridge road by the traffic lights (by Natwest Bank).

From M1 (travelling South):

Leave motorway at Junction 34. Follow brown signs for Don Valley Stadium / HallamFM Arena (A6109 also signed City). Pass Meadowhall shopping centre on your left, travelling straight on for approximately two miles. At the first roundabout turn left on to Hawke Street / Janson Street (following signs for Don Valley Stadium / Hallam FM Arena). At next roundabout turn right on to Attercliffe Common (A6178), signed iceSheffield. At second set of traffic lights (opposite Natwest bank) turn left onto Coleridge Road. Take next right into car park.

From Sheffield City Centre:

Follow signs for M1 / M18 until reaching Park Square Roundabout. From roundabout use lane signed A57. See brown signs for Lower Don Valley (A6109). After exiting roundabout on to A57 “Sheffield Parkway” take left lane at first set of traffic lights signed “Lower Don Valley (A6109)”. At second set of lights turn right onto Wicker. At stone arches bare right on to Savile Street A6109. Carry straight on for 2 miles following signs for “Don Valley Stadium / Hallam FM Arena”. At first roundabout turn right signed (Hallam FM Arena / Don Valley Stadium) on to A6102 Hawke Street / Janson Street. At next roundabout turn right on to Attercliffe Road A6178. Take second left (opposite Natwest bank) onto Coleridge Road. Take first right into EIS Sheffield.


Catch the yellow route tram from Sheffield City Centre or Meadowhall Shopping Centre.  Get off the tram at the Don Valley Stadium / Arena tram stop.  EIS Sheffield is just two minutes walk from the tram stop.

Registration and Weigh in


All competitors MUST bring their VALID judo licence and proof of grade (record book) to registration.

Once a player has registered, he/she will go to the weigh in,


As a high number of the competitors are going to be under 18, an open weigh-in will take place at this event. Therefore, all players entering this event regardless of age will be weighed in wearing trousers and t-shirt where appropriate.

Please note that due to this, ALL competitors will receive the weight allowance and therefore ALL Male competitors MUST weigh in wearing their competition judogi trousers and ALL Female competitors MUST weigh in wearing their competition judogi trousers and t-shirt.

For boys, 0.5kg allowance is given and for girls, 0.6kg allowance is given.

Players are NOT permitted to change in the designated official weigh-in area.

All players will fight in the weight category he/she makes at the weigh in, i.e. do not worry if your player was entered into a different weight group, this will be changed at the weigh-in.

Parents may accompany players into the weigh-in area.

Weigh-in Times:

The weigh-ins will take place in the Badminton Hall at English Institute of Sport, Sheffield.

Saturday 8th April 2017: Years 8 and 9, and Years 10 and 11

08:15 – 09:00     Academic Years 8 and 9

10:00 – 11:00       Academic Years 10 and 11

10:00am            Competition starts

Sunday 9th April 2017: Years 6 and 7, and Years 12 and 13

08:15 – 09:00     Academic Years 6 and 7

10:00 – 11:00     Academic Years 12 and 13

10:00am            Competition starts

Sweating Off

If a player is seen by BJA staff or officials sweating off, they will be asked to go straight to the scales and weigh in. A toilet visit is of course allowed in this situation but no more running. If the athlete refuses to go to the scales they will be withdrawn from the competition.


Once all the players in the age group have weighed in, there will of necessity be a gap before the players start to compete. This is to allow the team on the control desk to sort out who is fighting who, on which mat and at what time.

If the category weighs in later, other age and weight groups will already be competing on the mats.


Printed timetables will be on display around the venue, which will give the details of when each age and weight group is scheduled to fight.  However, this can change over the course of the day, so you need to stay where you can hear the announcer.

Once the category has been called, the fighting order is permanently displayed on the electronic boards in the holding area, and coaches will have access to photocopies of each weight categories.

How it Works

The number of players in a weight group defines under what system the group is fought:

If there are more than 8 players, the group will fight compound repechage.  This means that as long a player keeps winning, he/she will get to the final.  Once a player has lost a contest, he/she will move into what is called the repechage, where all players who have lost one contest compete for the bronze medals.  Once a player has lost two contests, he/she has finished for the day. Under this system, it is possible for a player to fight a player he/she has already fought.

If there are 8 or less players in a group, the group will fight in pools of 3, 4 or 5 players, each player fighting all the other players in the pool.  If there are two pools, the winner in Pool A will fight the runner up in Pool B; the runner up in Pool A will fight the winner in Pool B.  The two winners will meet in the final, and the two losers will each get a bronze medal.

The Contests

When the relevant weight group is called, players must go immediately to the holding area with their own white and blue belts. Players called up first must wear a white judogi, with a white belt. If the second player called wishes he/she may wear a blue judogi with a blue belt; female players must still wear a white tee-shirt. All playersMUST have a white judogi.

There is no seeding for the British Schools Championships.

If there is any doubt about any score or penalty, the referee will halt the contest and consult with the video judges to determine what score should be given.

Contest Times:

Academic Year Contest Duration Time
6 and 7 Three minutes
8 and 9 Three minutes
10 to 13 Four minutes

If the scores are equal at the end of the contest time, Golden Score will be called. In this instance, the player scoring first wins the contest.  A win is also given if the opponent is penalised.


If a player is unlucky enough to be injured, it is important that parents do not get involved. There is a very experienced, professional medical team, including a doctor.  If the player is taken off the mat to the medical room, parents may then go to the player, provided they do not interfere with either the medical attention being given or with the ongoing contests.


Only coaches wearing an official coach’s pass may go matside with the player, and only one coach per player is allowed.


Parents and guardians are not allowed matside, but may encourage (not coach) their player from the seating area.

Children develop differently and at different rates and react differently to the same pressures. They should always be encouraged to compete for their enjoyment and within the rules of judo.

Parents/guardians should support their development by applauding good play by their son/daugher and of their opponent and refraining from verbal and/or physical abuse, ridicule and intimidation.


Once a weight category has finished, it is important that the medallists of that category do not disappear, as the medal presentation will take place as soon as possible after the final has finished. Medals will be presented at intervals throughout the day.

Announcements will be made during each interval to advise which categories will be presented at that time and to ask that those medallists go to the medal podium.

Medallists must wear correct judo kit with grade belt, on the medal podium. Spectators will be allowed on to the floor at that time to take photographs of the medallists.


Additional Equipment

Players will find it extremely helpful to have a pair of Zoris – any form of flip flops are fine – at the edge of the mat; this is much easier than taking trainers matside with them.

Players should also have a bottle of water or similar for hydration.


We intend to have various accredited photographers at this event. No child’s name will be published alongside their image and all of those conducting the filming and or photography will have undergone the necessary checks.

By entering the event, all participants and parents or guardians of participants are consenting to photography/filming which may be taken by British Judo or an official British Judo contractor at the event. You also accept that these photographs or video may be used in future British Judo publications or published by the contractors in order to promote the positive aspect of our sport. If you wish to opt-out of the above please contact or contact a member of British Judo staff at the event.

We do hope you will enjoy your day at the Sheffield Institute of Sport.  If you have any queries, do ask anyone wearing a British Judo tee shirt or a blue blazer.

Spectator Tickets

Adult Weekend Ticket –  £15.00

Concession Weekend Ticket – £7.50

Adult Day Ticket – £10.00

Concession Day Ticket – £5.00

Weekend Family Ticket – 2 x Adults, 2 x Concession – £37.50

One Day Family Ticket – 2 x Adults, 2 x Concession – £25.00

Concession Tickets include: Under-16’s, Senior Citizens, Students (must produce a valid NUS card)

Spectator tickets will be available on the door at EIS, Sheffield from 07:30 during the event weekend (all tickets are subject to availability).