“As long as we coexist, each member of society and the groups organised within must function in harmony and cooperation with the others. Nothing is more important than living prosperously together. If everyone acts with the spirit of mutual cooperation, each person’s work benefits not only himself, but also others, and attaining this together will bring mutual happiness.”

Jigoro KanoFounder of Judo

The British Judo Association will shortly be launching an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group will seek to further develop strategy on equality, diversity and inclusion, focusing on gender, ethnicity, economic background, disability and sexuality, and aims to engage with members, athletes, clubs and areas.

We have a Diversity Action Plan that was compiled with advice from Charity Inclusive Boards, and which has been actively tracked since 2017.

However, we are always looking at ways to improve and develop, and we know that we need to hold all our practices up for scrutiny and challenge in order to see where we might make improvements. The recent events across the world, and especially the Black Lives Matter movement highlight sharply for us that it is not enough to just have a policy and say we are anti-discriminatory, we have to actively behave as such, and demonstrably and tangibly be an organisation that supports diversity in all forms.

Facilitated by Board Member Claire Lish, it is expected that the group will assist with creating and shaping a framework for reporting to members and will further the action plan that will be delivered to the Board during the next 12 months.

We are looking for four inspirational members to join this team and we are interested to receive applications from across all corners of the Association.

If you feel you can make a real difference to the British Judo community, please apply by providing no more than 500 words about why you feel equality, diversity and inclusion is important in British Judo, what you feel you will be able to add to the group, and some examples of your personal experience of equality, diversity and inclusion within the sport.

If you have difficulty in producing text, please contact Justine.lynch@britishjudo.org.uk and we will be able to facilitate a short video call with Claire whereby you will be able to answer the application questions.

Please send your application to Justine.lynch@britishjudo.org.uk by Friday 28th August.