British Judo are joining the Rainbow Laces campaign for the first time in 2018

Rainbow Laces is Stonewall UK’s annual campaign for everyone involved in sport to show their support for LGBT equality and inclusivity.

This year’s campaign wants to encourage fans and athletes to be “active allies” and to play their part in ensuring LGBT people feel included in sport.

The campaign starts on Saturday 17 November and runs till Friday 7 December. Throughout that time British Judo will be showing their support for the campaign across our social media channels as well as sharing first hand experiences from those involved in the sport.

British Judo staff and athletes will also be showing their support for the campaign over the next three weeks.

On Wednesday 28 November thousands of fans are expected to take part in a mass lace up in a nationwide show of support for LGBT people in sport.

If you would like to purchase Rainbow Laces:

British Judo are one of over twenty sporting organisations and national governing bodies supporting the campaign this year.

Kirsty Clarke, Stonewall’s Director of Sport, said: “It’s great to see UK sport banding together in the biggest ever show of support for LGBT people in sport.

“Whether you’re into cricket, darts, rugby, football or athletics, your sport is taking part and lacing up.

“But it can’t just be the national bodies making this statement. We need every sports fan to do the same and commit to stand up as an ally to LGBT people in their sport and beyond.  

“What that action looks like is simply being a good teammate and taking responsibility for making LGBT people feel welcome. Not only can you show your support, you can challenge chants or insults about LGBT people, or report abuse, whether that’s online, watching live sport or taking part.”

To find out more about the Rainbow Laces campaign, you can do so via the Stonewall UK website: