British Judo launches new Judo Kids Development Scheme for under eights

British Judo is pleased to announce the new Judo Kids development scheme including the new Sho Award.

The Under 8 Development Scheme is a new nine-step process comprising of nine award levels designed to help coaches reward young players while they develop their fundamental physical, technical, social and psychological skills before moving on to the Mon Grading Scheme at 8 years of age.

Coaches working with young players in the 5 – 7 age group who are already using the Mon Grading Scheme, can either continue with them on this scheme or move them to the relevant award depending on their experience and ability.

British Judo’s Technical Manager, Joyce Heron said: “We’re really excited to be announcing the new Judo Kids scheme. It has been rigorously developed through consultation and piloting and I’m delighted that the judo community will now be able to benefit from this.

“Ultimately, we want young children who can move well enough to be able to participate in judo. As they move through the sport we hope that this will enable them to participate in judo at a higher level as well. By encouraging children to pick up these fundamental movement skills at a young age, there is an expectation that these will aide injury prevention as well in the long term as well.”

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