Breaking Barriers: British Judo Association Partners with InsideOut to Prioritise Mental Health

Hey, judo enthusiasts! We’ve got some exciting news that’s about to take your well-being to a whole new level. Brace yourselves because the British Judo Association has teamed up with InsideOut, an award-winning mental health platform, and guess what? All BJA adult members (those aged 18 years and over) now have exclusive FREE access to Remi, the AI mental health coach!

Now, before you start picturing a robotic voice telling you to “keep calm and judo on,” let’s dive into what this partnership really means.

First off, mental health matters. Yes, even for tough, resilient judokas like us. Whether you’re stepping onto the mat for the first time, or you’re a seasoned black belt holder, dealing with the pressures of training, competitions, or just life, can take its toll. Every single one of us has mental health. In fact, 1 in 2 will suffer from a mental health challenge this year, so if you are currently struggling you are not alone. We understand the difficulties in accessing support. That’s where Remi steps in.

So, who or what exactly is Remi? Well, think of Remi as your personal mental health companion, available 24/7 right in the palm of your hand. It’s like having a wise sensei in your pocket, ready to lend an ear whenever you need it.

With Remi, you can expect tailored support designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by judo athletes. Feeling stressed before a big tournament? Remi’s got your back with relaxation techniques and mindset strategies to help you stay focused and centred. Dealing with a setback or injury? Remi’s there to offer encouragement and guidance to keep you motivated and resilient.

But hey, Remi isn’t just for when things get tough. It’s also about proactive self-care and building mental strength and fitness over time. Through personalised coaching and interactive exercises, Remi helps you develop resilience, enhance your performance, and cultivate a positive mindset both on and off the mat.

Now, let’s talk logistics. How do you get access to Remi and this game-changing mental health tool? It’s simple. As a BJA adult member, all you need to do is click this unique download link or scan our QR code and then sign up through the InsideOut platform.Voila! Remi will be at your service, ready to support you on your judo journey.

This partnership between the British Judo Association and InsideOut isn’t just about embracing innovation; it’s about prioritising the well-being of our judo community. Because when we take care of our mental health, we’re not just better athletes, we’re better humans.

So, whether you’re a seasoned judo warrior or just starting out, remember that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. And with Remi by your side, you’re never alone in the fight both on the mat or in everyday life. Let’s continue to break barriers, on and off the mat, together.

Keep calm, throw on, and let’s show the world what judo and mental strength are all about!

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This article was brought to you by the British Judo Association and InsideOut.

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