Boston club trains in style wearing new hoodies

Judoka at the Boston Judo Club will be training in style wearing hoodies bought due to the donation of a local business.

Thanks to a £400 donation from Carlton Fuels, enterprising members of the Lincolnshire club members turned into entrepreneurs by purchasing 60 hoodies, which they sold for profit to club members.

This generated much needed funding, as well as helping to brand the club and will allow players continue training to Olympic standard at a local level.

The donation was made after Martyn Issitt, whose son Rian is a member of the club, contacted the company that delivers fuel around Lincolnshire.

Martyn said: “The hoodies have made the members feel an even bigger part of the club. They wear their tops with pride knowing that they are part of a club that welcomes everyone through its doors.”

The club is open for training on Monday and Thursday evenings.