Non-Executive Election


Voting is now closed and the votes are in for the British Judo Board positions of England Home Country Representative and Elected Non-Executive Director. 

Elected Non-Executive Directors will help oversee the health and well-being of the British Judo Association, taking part in the leadership activities of our Board while contributing diverse perspectives drawn from their direct experience and external activities.

The British Judo Association teamed up with an independent election services provider, UK Engage, who has managed the process on the Association’s behalf.

The results collated by UK Engage for the England Home Country Representative and Elected Non-Executive Director are as follows.

Elected Non-Executive Director 

Elected Candidate: Neil Fletcher

England Home Country Representative 

Elected Candidate: Garth Illingworth

With a respectable turnout of just over 33%, The British Judo Association would like to thank all British Judo members who took the time to put forward their nominations and votes.

For further information about the workings of the Board and the Governance of the British Judo Association, head over to our Governance section.