BJA Gradings Fast Track Application Form


The British Judo Association (BJA) recognise that all judoka have varying levels of capacity for learning, depending
on a vast range of factors including age, ability, experience and frequency of judo instruction. In order to provide
a credible and fair grading scheme, individuals authorised to conduct grading examinations for Mon and Kyu
grades in accordance with the syllabus instructions may, under exceptional circumstances, apply to deviate from
the syllabus time requirements or frequency of promotions in order to promote a candidate.

They are to follow the process as detailed below, and complete the application form in full.

  • The individual proposing to conduct the promotion examination must seek prior approval from BJA
    Promotions Commission by contacting the National Promotions and Grading Manager (NPGM) by
    e-mail or by letter.

  • They must provide a detailed explanation of the extenuating circumstances and the candidate’s age and
    grading history by way of grades achieved and the date awarded.

  • The application must also confirm that the candidate has, in their opinion, the necessary skills to complete
    the syllabus requirements for the grade which is being recommended. All applications will be subject
    to random verification on a sampling basis by a commission-appointed official in order to maintain an
    audit trail.

  • The NPGM will make a decision set by earlier precedents or will seek approval from the Promotions
    Commission Chairman.

  • The PCM will inform the individual proposing to conduct the promotion examination of the final
    decision which will be copied to BJA Head office.

  • On receipt of approval, the individual proposing to conduct the promotion examination official may
    then conduct the examination and then on successful completion submit a Grade Registration Sheet
    together with written Promotion Commission authorisation.

  • In addition to the grading fee, an additional administration charge of £10.00 per candidate must be
    submitted with Grade Registration Sheet.

  • When entering the new grade in the Record Book, the coach must enter in the area where there is
    no grade recorded – *Authorised Fast Track Promotion” and the date

Note: The BJA are committed to ensuring that all judoka are of the correct grade in accordance with their ability
and it is considered poor practice for judoka to be held back in a lower grade in order to obtain an
advantage in certain levels of competition

Gradings Fast Track Application Form

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