Baku Europeans – Day 1

The 2015 European Championships will officially begin tomorrow at the Heyday Aliyev Arena in the heart of Baku, Azerbaijan. Almost 400 athletes across 49 nations will be competing at this important event.  

Anyone to make it to the top will not only be able to became 2015 European Judo Champion but also draw history by becoming the winner of the first ever European Games. Moreover, the tournament provides athletes to be able to gain crucial Olympic qualification points. 

So who do we have to look out for tomorrow?

The first day of the event will see four of our elite athletes in action. European bronze medalist (2013) Ashley MCKENZIE (u60kg) will take on Carmine DI LORETO (ITA). Baku Grand Slam silver medalist (2015) Colin OATES (u66kg) is number four seeded which allows him to meet Kenneth VAN GANSBEKE (BEL) as his first contest. Commonwealth Games silver medalist, Kelly EDWARDS (u52kg) will face Zhanna STANKEVICH (ARM), whilst Croatian Grand Prix winner (2015) Nekoda DAVIS (u57kg) will challenge Irina ZABLUDINA (RUS) in the first round of the tournament. 
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The tournament will begin at 12:00 local time. 
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