Army Foundation College Judo Festival a great success

Over 50 Junior Soldiers from the Harrogate Army foundation college have been taking part in judo sessions over a 6 month programme that has resulted in them all being graded and finished with a ‘Judo Festival’ to celebrate their successes.

The junior Soldiers have taken part in the judo sessions run by Senior Coach Dave Dunsford, as part of the DofE Award Scheme, set up and run by Dave Barnstaple the Sports and Skills programme manager. Over a six month period the Junior Soldiers, whilst completing their military training and education, were attending up to 3 sessions a week.

On a cold dark evening in March, thirty two Junior Soldiers from the Army Foundation College, Harrogate, attended Knaresborough Judo Club to take part in a ‘Judo Festival’.

Corporal Kerr Weir organised bringing the Junior Soldiers to the Dojo and the competition started after a brief warm up session by Coach Scott Riley. The contest began with great anticipation as this was the Junior Soldiers first competition. A huge throw setting the standard soon settled the nerves. Louise Dunsford helped to run the event, running the pool sheets and time keeping.

The Army Foundation Coach, Dave Dunsford, refereed the event and was absolutely blown away by the high standard of throws and groundwork. The overall winners were Junior Soldiers from Peninsula Company with Alamein Company a very close second.

Throw of the contest went to Junior Soldier Willis with a perfectly timed Harai Tsuri Komi Ashi (sweeping leg).

The next intake of Junior Soldiers has a lot to live up to. Huge thanks to Dermot Heslop, BJA development officer and the team at the head office who have worked so hard to keep judo at the AFC and long may this continue. Dave Barnstaple stated that judo within the Army will always continue to be a popular sport with the help of the BJA.

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