Akrotiri Judo Club Steps Out

On 28th April members of the grassroots club at RAF Akrotiri showed its newly learned skills to crowds as part of the Station Fun Day.

Both Juniors and Seniors demonstrated how far the fledgling club has come in the space of a few months.

It was a very warm day but this didn’t stop the junior members from demonstrating their rolling breakfalls, tachi-waza and newaza whilst the senior members showed off their skills for the crowds.

Julie Hemsley, the Club Head Coach, was quick to praise the members for their progress: “It is fantastic to see how far the Club has come in just a couple of months.  The judoka, both young and old, are so enthusiastic and it is an absolute privilege to be the Head Coach at the Club”.

The Club continues to grow with over 45 members and looks forward to an exciting future.

Anyone interested in the Club should visit Akrotiri Judo Club on Facebook.

Anyone interested in taking up the sport of Judo in the RAF should contact their Physical Education Department or contact the Chairman of the RAF Judo Association, Squadron Leader Steve Parlor, at Steve.Parlor718@mod.gov.uk in the first instance to find out where their nearest club is.