Following the Prime Minister’s briefing this evening, we welcome the news that the country will be progressing to Stage Three of the roadmap from 17th May, which will see the country exit lockdown in a safe manner.

While adults (over 18s) can now head indoors, it must remain as part of a non-contact session unfortunately. As part of the changes, judo will see the following guidelines amended as a result:

  • Indoor activity: Indoor judo can take place in larger numbers. This means that both adult and children classes can take place without number restrictions, as long as it is undertaken in line with Covid-secure guidance and adheres to the capacity restrictions for indoor sports facilities (100sqft per person).
  • Outdoor activity: Organised outdoor sport can take place with unlimited numbers.
  • Car sharing can now take place.
  • Spectating can now take place indoor and outdoor. Spectators need to adhere to social gathering limits (maximum groups of 30 outdoors and maximum groups of six/two households indoors).  The rule for indoors is that the total number of participants, coaches, officials and spectators must be in line with the facility guidance on ventilation rates, the maximum occupancy of each indoor facility should be limited by providing 100sq ft per person.

The governments rationale for this:

  • The decision to keep adults at the non-contact stage is consistent with the risk exposure framework which applies to the other close contact sports who have team sport variations in place.
  • The return of competitions and events has been delayed as it would cause increased contact and mixing with other groups, which the government want to restrict for the time being.

While this is another step in the right direction for the country and the sport, it is important to remain vigilant and follow our rules and guidelines and listen to your club/coach when they instruct you throughout your time on the mat.

Our detailed “Return To Judo” document has now been updated on our Covid Hub for clubs to download and reference.

We must reiterate that, although all age groups are now allowed back into sports facilities and dojos, it is still important to abide by basic Government advice such as:

  • Socially distancing in the appropriate situations,
  • Wearing face masks to sessions and only removing them when part of a session,
  • Adhere to hygiene rules before and after sessions such as washing your hands.

The next time we update you in June, we should be able to bring you news of a return to events and contact judo for adults but all of this is dependent on members sticking to the rules.

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