As a Regional England Development Squad Fighter, we would encourage you to attend a weekly randori session that will be hosted at our 6 England Talent Development Centres. We would recommend that all Pre-Cadets and Cadets attend weekly but understand the that there may be some obstacles to this. We will manage this with you if necessary however, please see below expected minimum attendance by age and stage.

  • Minors: Once a month and school holidays
  • Pre-Cadets: Once and month and school holidays
  • Cadets: Weekly

The REDS programme provides a platform to support the development of fighters into the England Talent Development Programme.  ETD fighters are expected to attend ETDC randori sessions weekly as part of their regular training.  Building quality randori within the pathway is essential for fighters development, bringing our best fighters together to create this environment across England each week is an integral part of our programme.

If you cannot commit to the regional training programme, please email

2021 REDS/ETDC Selection