We are pleased to publish the entry lists for the upcoming 2019 Commonwealth Judo Championships taking place in Walsall later this month.

The closed entry categories will be released next week, following validation of wild card entries by the Commonwealth Judo Association.

PLEASE NOTE: Any changes to weight in the Veterans competition will need to be sent to commonwealth@britishjudo.org.uk by Thursday 19th at 12:00pm (midday). Any requests received following this date will not be accepted and may be withdrawn from the competition. Pre-Cadets will have the ability to change their weight prior to official weigh in (by informing us at accreditation).

Pre-Cadet Girls

First Name Surname Country Weight Group
Simran Simran India -36kg
Jaanvi Yadav India -36kg
Daya Kaur England -40kg
Amie McMurray England -40kg
Kirsty Lawson Scotland -40kg
Paige Sweetland Scotland -40kg
Sophie Johnston England -40kg
Amelia Alder England -40kg
Libby Darling Scotland -40kg
Ankitaben Naghera India -40kg
Aditi Sharma India -40kg
Jade Reardon England -44kg
Eliza Sedgbeer England -44kg
Isabelle Dowson England -44kg
Silke Furbatto England -44kg
Madeleine Birri England -44kg
Lesley Corbett Scotland -44kg
Amelia Shave England -44kg
Jessie Edwards Scotland -44kg
Roshidina Mutam India -44kg
Tanu Maan India -44kg
Catalina Da Silva De Oliveira South Africa -44kg
Esmeé Holgate England -48kg
Eleanor Buckle England -48kg
Madeleine Kissenisky England -48kg
Elisa Thompson England -48kg
Sofia Manca England -48kg
Kenady Raine England -48kg
Amalie Jones England -48kg
Charlotte Hay England -48kg
Lola Hodgson Wales -48kg
Sophie Mapplebeck Scotland -48kg
Jemma Smith Scotland -48kg
Jersey Ledger England -48kg
Chloe Link England -48kg
Charlie Whitfield England -48kg
Himanshi Tokas India -48kg
Akanksha Sandeep Shinde India -48kg
Leah Thakur England -48kg
Abigail Grant England -48kg
Sophie McMillan Scotland -48kg
Robyn Ward England -52kg
Charlotte Jenman England -52kg
Queenie Tancock England -52kg
Mia Goode England -52kg
Isla Liddle Scotland -52kg
Bethany McCauley Northern Ireland -52kg
Maria Oram-Perez England -52kg
Savannah Canning England -52kg
Chloe Speirs Scotland -52kg
Sophie Davis England -52kg
Isabelle Adams England -52kg
Sarah Smith Scotland -52kg
Caitlyn De’Ath England -52kg
Nunghithoi Leishangthem India -52kg
Shaan India -52kg
Kayla Ziegenhagen South Africa -52kg
Jessica Jennings England -57kg
Nicole Wood England -57kg
Olivia Delahunty England -57kg
Isabella Cooper England -57kg
Tahlia Collis-Smith England -57kg
Cerys Jones England -57kg
Georgia Laing England -57kg
Lily Raffertty Scotland -57kg
Elizabeth Liddle Scotland -57kg
Kirsten Millar Northern Ireland -57kg
Caitlin Henry Northern Ireland -57kg
Sunny Doig Scotland -57kg
Nina Wilson Scotland -57kg
Rebeca Jones Wales -57kg
Sophie Wood Scotland -57kg
Ruby Reid England -57kg
Esther McGregor Scotland -57kg
Julia Marczak England -57kg
Linthoi Chanabam India -57kg
Isha Rani Vats India -57kg
Sasha Veldboer South Africa -57kg
Savannah Buzzard England -63kg
Anya Hassan England -63kg
Gracie Lee Wilson England -63kg
Maddie Rymer England -63kg
Isabelle Rhodes-Fussell England -63kg
Sasha Pallister England -63kg
Alanna Hopkins England -63kg
Lydia Pearson Wales -63kg
Tyra Thomas Wales -63kg
Tecca Ford England -63kg
Rebecca Willis England -63kg
Kalpana Irengbam India -63kg
Mehak Rani India -63kg
Madeleine Young England -63kg
Pakize Min’e Melody Muslu-Richards England -63kg
Ruby Wiltshire England -70kg
Olivia Wilson England -70kg
Paige Keane Wales -70kg
Miai McCran Scotland -70kg
Sapna Sapna India -70kg
Manasvi Tyagi India -70kg
Melana Rusenaite England -70kg
Keagan Sinclaer Diab South Africa -70kg
Milly Horsfield England +70kg
Charis Oram England +70kg
Bhumie Bhardwaj India +70kg
Ishroop Narang India +70kg

Pre-Cadet Boys

First Name Surname Country Weight Group
Freddie Egleton England -34kg
Callum Woodham England -34kg
Tristan Walters England -34kg
Evan Price Wales -34kg
Laurence Hill Wales -34kg
Anurag Sagar India -34kg
Suryapratap Singh India -34kg
Ethan Ian Hattingh South Africa -34kg
William McCarthy England -38kg
Ronnie Berry England -38kg
Ryan King England -38kg
Andrew McWatt Scotland -38kg
Jack Stanley England -38kg
Youcef Dafallah England -38kg
Prince Kumar India -38kg
Yogesh Yogesh India -38kg
Ruan Engelbrecht South Africa -38kg
Albertus Jacobus Lombaard South Africa -38kg
Alfie Mitchell England -42kg
Harvey Creasey-Cottle England -42kg
Louis Rothwell England -42kg
Dylan Bond Northern Ireland -42kg
Jack Walters England -42kg
Kai Evans Wales -42kg
Jack Nichin-Hayes Wales -42kg
Oscar Bigger England -42kg
Rishikanta Huiduom India -42kg
Tanuj Beniwal India -42kg
Luke Thomson Scotland -42kg
Thomas Brelsford England -46kg
Bobby King England -46kg
Dylan Kirk England -46kg
Peter Davies England -46kg
Logan McAdam England -46kg
James Smith England -46kg
Kajus Semeta England -46kg
Eamonn Ward Northern Ireland -46kg
Kyras Chambers-Edutie England -46kg
Jake Brown England -46kg
Nabil Annich England -46kg
Max Cheung England -46kg
Rhys Evans Wales -46kg
Kylan Aylward Wales -46kg
Tiaan Sparrow Wales -46kg
Andrew Evans Scotland -46kg
Timeo Tournier Australia -46kg
Finlay Strang Scotland -46kg
Travis Hayes England -46kg
Nitya Majhi India -46kg
Rakshit Tokas India -46kg
Blair Millar Scotland -46kg
Ewald Engelbrecht South Africa -46kg
Hayden Yates England -50kg
Joseph Bever England -50kg
Owen Lambert England -50kg
Tristan Miller England -50kg
Abderrahim Rahmani England -50kg
Corey Foster Scotland -50kg
Aaron Clark Scotland -50kg
Conall McGivern Northern Ireland -50kg
Travis Hutchinson England -50kg
Declan Knight England -50kg
George Roberts England -50kg
Aidan Howard England -50kg
Ross McWatt Scotland -50kg
Joab Brighton Boyns England -50kg
Franz Cuison England -50kg
Vojtech Folk Scotland -50kg
Mitchell Crosswell England -50kg
Irakli Goginashvili England -50kg
Liam Perote Veras England -50kg
Chirag Sharma India -50kg
Suyash Solanki India -50kg
Ivan Volynkin Scotland -50kg
Jacobus Stephanus Fouche South Africa -50kg
Bradwon Tonio Luprayno Boesak South Africa -50kg
Yogan Breytenbach South Africa -50kg
Cameron McVey Scotland -55kg
Samuel Trappe England -55kg
Mounir Baaziz England -55kg
Thomas Rand Scotland -55kg
Jamie Death England -55kg
Alfred Norton England -55kg
Thomas Eardley England -55kg
Luke Davies England -55kg
Amir Karimov England -55kg
Noah Gargett England -55kg
Sarod Rehman England -55kg
Ben Stokes England -55kg
Bogdan Losonczi England -55kg
Louis Reid Scotland -55kg
Xavier Hancock England -55kg
Ethan Shave England -55kg
Ben Moore Wales -55kg
Sam John Wales -55kg
Matthew Dick Scotland -55kg
Joshua Hughes England -55kg
Callum Clark Scotland -55kg
Aiden Hope England -55kg
Sparsh Singh India -55kg
Rajendro Maibam India -55kg
Brennan De Lange South Africa -55kg
Pieter Armand Griessel South Africa -55kg
Christopher Howe Scotland -60kg
Michael Pearson England -60kg
Maddox Callard England -60kg
Marc-Anthony Hunt England -60kg
Quinn Armstrong Northern Ireland -60kg
Luca Bradley England -60kg
William Gregson England -60kg
Kerr Wilson Scotland -60kg
Tomos Philips Wales -60kg
Mason Hards England -60kg
Corey O’Neal-Narcis England -60kg
Antony Moylett England -60kg
Nathan Kennaugh Isle of Man -60kg
Sidharth Rawat India -60kg
Vasant Sharma India -60kg
Erin Terence Baisley South Africa -60kg
Tian Joubert South Africa -60kg
Harrison Grist England -66kg
Ben Levy England -66kg
Joseph Kirk England -66kg
Adam Seyad England -66kg
Jay Paterson Scotland -66kg
Fraser Clark Scotland -66kg
Eden Hefferman Scotland -66kg
James Harrison England -66kg
Reuben Frise England -66kg
Jake Brearley England -66kg
Cory Desforges/ Sharp England -66kg
Lewis Bell Australia -66kg
Markos Constantinides England -66kg
Ajay Kumar India -66kg
Badal Lakra India -66kg
Kris Smauel Bartolo Malta -66kg
Dlair Singh England -66kg
Tiago Jeffery Goncalves South Africa -66kg
Ruben Cordier South Africa -66kg
Jack Comber Watermeyer South Africa -66kg
Joe Bygate England -73kg
Paul Harvey Scotland -73kg
Jun Kamura Boulton England -73kg
Aman Aman India -73kg
Pranav Rathak India -73kg
Saul McRitchie Scotland -73kg
Daniel Ede England +73kg
Harry Ashen England +73kg
Loic Keasey England +73kg
Alexander Hutchinson Scotland +73kg
Parmeet Parmeet India +73kg
Pollobjyoti Gohain India +73kg
Eli Mckitty England +73kg
Giannis Antonious Cyprus +73kg

Veteran Female

First Name Surname Country Weight Group
Nicola Grange England F1 -57kg
Vaishali Matavkar India F1 -57kg
Natasha Glassford England F1 -63kg
Kylie Adams England F1 -70kg
Donna Riggs England F1 -70kg
Terri Meredith England F1 -70kg
Danielle Batt England F1 -78kg
Raphaelle Barbier Saint Hilaire England F1 -78kg
Victoria Lamb England F2 +78kg
Nicolette Botha South Africa F2 +78kg
Hazel Powell England F2 -52kg
Caroline Rawlings England F2 -57kg
Emma Burnett England F2 -57kg
Shilpa Salian India F2 -63kg
Lyndsay Delaney England F2 -70kg
Emma Delaney England F2 -70kg
Hiral .S Sambhare India F2 -70kg
Preeti Kumari Shridharnath Tripathi India F2 -70kg
Katrina Geary Scotland F2 -70kg
Olivia Valentine England F2 -78kg
Sheetal Sharma India F3 +78kg
Margaret Magee Northern Ireland F3 +78kg
Jacqueline O’Donnell Scotland F3 -63kg
Abigail Clayton England F3 -70kg
Sue Tanner England F3 -70kg
Prajakta Yogesh Dhadve India F3 -70kg
Rosemary Hopkins England F3 -78kg
Ilse Reyneke South Africa F3 -78kg
Sandra Hughes Wales F3 +78kg
Teresa Jones England F4 +78kg
Kathryn Barker England F4 +78kg
Laura Scarlett-McAllister England F4 +78kg
Sarah Humphreys England F4 +78kg
Julia Halstead England F4 -78kg
Claire Bowe England F4 -63kg
Rosie Felton England F4 -63kg
Rachana Bhopeshwar India F4 -63kg
Sue Jones Wales F4 -63kg
Mandy Foot England F5 +78kg
Kerry Tansey England F5 +78kg
Sudesh Singh Bhuller India F5 +78kg
Simone Strong England F5 -70kg
Lesley Farnell England F5 -70kg
Arshi Nad India F5 -70kg
Joanne Gregory England F5 -78kg
Toni Willer England F5 -78kg
Kathryn Chamberlain Wales F6 +78kg
Dianne White England F6 -57kg
Neena Saini India F6 -70kg
Lesley Reid England F6 -78kg
Bertha Jerome D’Souza India F7 +78kg
Manjeet Arya India F7 -52kg
Kay Andrews England F7 -70kg

Veteran Male

First Name Surname Country Weight Group
Benjamin Ford Scotland M1 -60kg
Xolani Manona South Africa M1 -60kg
Colin Francis England M1 -60kg
Pierangelo Gobbo England M1 -66kg
Leigh Spinks England M1 -66kg
Kyle Perry England M1 -66kg
Vishwasrao Shus Nanasaheb India M1 -66kg
Michael Wootton England M1 -73kg
Bernat Galiana England M1 -73kg
Miles Browning Northern Ireland M1 -73kg
Daniel Grimley Northern Ireland M1 -73kg
Anthony Yee Australia M1 -81kg
Daniel Cuadrado England M1 -81kg
Ryan Hunter England M1 -81kg
Matteo Zicchetti England M1 -81kg
Varun Gujaran India M1 -81kg
Santosh Babar India M1 -81kg
Brian McGilloway Northern Ireland M1 -81kg
Petrus Louis Nolte South Africa M1 -81kg
Barry Watson Wales M1 -81kg
Paul Cooper England M1 -90kg
Stuart Jackman England M1 -90kg
Varun Gujran India M1 -90kg
Allerdyce Colin Fulton South Africa M1 -90kg
Ross Elliott England M1 -100kg
Norman Smith England M1 -100kg
Michael McMillan Northern Ireland M1 -100kg
Ross Milne Scotland M1 -100kg
Ashley Amos Wales M1 -100kg
Mark Adams England M1 +100kg
Danny Harper England M1 +100kg
Ben Fox England M1 +100kg
Jamie Conroy Scotland M1 +100kg
Anthony Lowe-Fassam Wales M1 +100kg
Richard Murphy England M2 +100kg
Ross Taylor England M2 +100kg
Zviad Tsiklauri England M2 +100kg
Chetan Sharma India M2 +100kg
Gavin McNeill Northern Ireland M2 +100kg
Gareth Piper Wales M2 +100kg
Karl Brown England M2 -100kg
Nick Hawke England M2 -100kg
Mat Childs England M2 -100kg
Gary Knight England M2 -100kg
Vivek Thakur India M2 -100kg
Vivek Thakur India M2 -100kg
Chris Horton Isle of Man M2 -100kg
David Strachan Scotland M2 -100kg
Gerrit Adriaan Gal South Africa M2 -100kg
Paul O’Connor Wales M2 -100kg
Lito Uyami Australia M2 -60kg
Kris Kavanagh Northern Ireland M2 -60kg
Sameera Rajasinghe Sri Lanka M2 -60kg
Buddika Saman Keerthi Jayasundara Sri Lanka M2 -60kg
Antony Ashton England M2 -66kg
Philip Rogan England M2 -66kg
Ben Young England M2 -66kg
Luke Dennis England M2 -66kg
Dayanand Dhadve India M2 -66kg
Vijay Yadav India M2 -66kg
Dayanand Dhadve India M2 -66kg
Rajesh Kumar India M2 -66kg
Asanka Kumara Rajapaksha Sri Lanka M2 -66kg
Stevey Barteluk England M2 -73kg
Marcus Broome England M2 -73kg
Chris Newman England M2 -73kg
Oliver Relton England M2 -73kg
Andrew Dicker England M2 -73kg
James Lutman England M2 -73kg
Antony Parkinson England M2 -73kg
Rajesh Kumar India M2 -73kg
Nuwan Sumadha Attanayake Sri Lanka M2 -73kg
Shaun Davies Wales M2 -73kg
Vladimir Oleinic England M2 -81kg
John Donovan England M2 -81kg
Russell Kite England M2 -81kg
Luke Tavener England M2 -81kg
Kar-Ming Yeung England M2 -81kg
Ajay Kumar India M2 -81kg
Kenneth Kirkwood Scotland M2 -81kg
Palitha Yasarathna Sri Lanka M2 -81kg
David Clark England M2 -90kg
Matthew Dutton England M2 -90kg
Jay Cullen England M2 -90kg
Rhys Davies Wales M2 -90kg
Garath Latham England M3 +100kg
Susantha Pushpakumara Sri Lanka M3 +100kg
Christopher Dyer England M3 -100kg
Cezar Stefan Sulugiu Voicu England M3 -100kg
Richard Hobbs England M3 -100kg
Carl Holland England M3 -60kg
Tom Hayton England M3 -60kg
Nilesh Ashok Shelke India M3 -60kg
Derek McFerran Scotland M3 -60kg
Thabo Senatle South Africa M3 -60kg
Danny King England M3 -66kg
Mark Bermingham England M3 -66kg
Matthew Cowell England M3 -66kg
Giovanny Antalika England M3 -66kg
Narender India M3 -66kg
Mark Taylor Scotland M3 -66kg
Adrian Leibert England M3 -73kg
Christian Pountain England M3 -73kg
Craig Spencer England M3 -73kg
Samuel OLoughlin England M3 -73kg
Adrian Upex England M3 -73kg
Colin Mckenna England M3 -73kg
Ashok Hirachand Jangame India M3 -73kg
Kevin Bond Northern Ireland M3 -73kg
Louis Cornelius Odendaal South Africa M3 -73kg
Moses Ssemakula Uganda M3 -73kg
Robert Sabella England M3 -81kg
Gary Liddle England M3 -81kg
Matthew Hext England M3 -81kg
Lee Holley England M3 -81kg
James Hornsby England M3 -81kg
Mark Donnelly England M3 -81kg
Carl Hunt England M3 -81kg
Graham Takhar England M3 -81kg
Bill Baker Jersey M3 -81kg
Manjula Weerasinghe Sri Lanka M3 -81kg
Fred Harris England M3 -90kg
Craig Robbins England M3 -90kg
Oluwaseun Rotimi England M3 -90kg
David Oakley England M3 -90kg
James Overton Scotland M3 -90kg
Jason Moore Scotland M3 -90kg
Hendrik Gerhardus Burger South Africa M3 -90kg
Robert Thomson Wales M3 -90kg
Shane Price Wales M3 -90kg
John Ellis England M4 +100kg
Richard Woolley Northern Ireland M4 +100kg
Reyners Millray Barnard South Africa M4 +100kg
Spiro Tomasevic England M4 +100kg
Matt Horner England M4 +100kg
Toby Lewis Wales M4 +100kg
Jake Reeves England M4 -100kg
Amanjot Singh India M4 -100kg
Virender Singh India M4 -100kg
Mark Montgomery Northern Ireland M4 -100kg
John William MacDonald Scotland M4 -100kg
Stuart Cameron Paget South Africa M4 -100kg
Chaminda Pushpa Kumara Darmarathne Sri Lanka M4 -100kg
Joseph Joy Kyeyune Uganda M4 -100kg
Mark Costiff England M4 -60kg
Winnie Graham England M4 -60kg
Luc Tournier Australia M4 -66kg
Robert Morrow Northern Ireland M4 -66kg
James Newberry England M4 -73kg
Simon Twigg England M4 -73kg
Rob Edwards England M4 -73kg
Lee Cassidy England M4 -73kg
Christopher Andrews England M4 -73kg
Suresh Kanojia India M4 -73kg
Yogesh Dhadve India M4 -73kg
Suresh Shambhuprasad Kanojia India M4 -73kg
Steven Ross Scotland M4 -73kg
Marco Gonsalves De Freitas South Africa M4 -73kg
Steven John Blackwell Wales M4 -73kg
Darren McCoy England M4 -81kg
Neil Robinson England M4 -81kg
Martin Bentley England M4 -81kg
Martin Davis England M4 -81kg
Richard Brown England M4 -81kg
Mike Sexton New Zealand M4 -81kg
Mark Gamrot Scotland M4 -81kg
Miron Perera Sri Lanka M4 -81kg
Timothy Rolls Wales M4 -81kg
Lee Brown England M4 -90kg
Mehran Hafezi England M4 -90kg
Michael Hurst England M4 -90kg
Steven Creaser England M4 -90kg
Darren Brownfield England M4 -90kg
Lee Cahalane England M4 -90kg
Hemant Kumar Rathee India M4 -90kg
James McCullough Northern Ireland M4 -90kg
Paul McClarty Scotland M4 -90kg
Pieter Johan De Witt South Africa M4 -90kg
Fred Itiose England M5 +100kg
Kim Humphriss England M5 +100kg
Richard Bazley England M5 +100kg
Jaitly Satya Jeet India M5 +100kg
Poopathy Pathirana Sri Lanka M5 +100kg
Nigel Bowley Wales M5 +100kg
Joseph Williams England M5 +100kg
Stephen Preece England M5 -100kg
Jason Ailey England M5 -100kg
Alexander Castello England M5 -100kg
Tony Partridge England M5 -100kg
Jamie Nicholls England M5 -100kg
Martin Barrie England M5 -100kg
Manoj Kumar India M5 -100kg
Paul O’Leary Northern Ireland M5 -100kg
Chris Wilson Northern Ireland M5 -100kg
Alastair Wyper Scotland M5 -100kg
Joseph Silmon-Clyde England M5 -66kg
Owen Bredford Palm South Africa M5 -66kg
Scott Bedding England M5 -73kg
Mike Chamberlain England M5 -73kg
Steve Bowles England M5 -73kg
Kishor Kumar India M5 -73kg
Kishore Kumar India M5 -73kg
Sean Evans Scotland M5 -73kg
Mark McCraw Scotland M5 -73kg
Anthony William Bernard Palm South Africa M5 -73kg
Gavin Archibald England M5 -81kg
Craig Bowater England M5 -81kg
Tilak Thapa India M5 -81kg
Ranbir Solanki India M5 -81kg
Roland Sudbury Mingay South Africa M5 -81kg
Palitha Wanigarathne Sri Lanka M5 -81kg
Ashley Parrette England M5 -90kg
Dave Bostock Smith England M5 -90kg
Michael Fyffe England M5 -90kg
Timothy Morris England M5 -90kg
Nigel Creaser England M5 -90kg
John Maxwell New Zealand M5 -90kg
Stephen Evans Wales M5 -90kg
Barrie Jones England M5 -90kg
Michael Gould England M6 +100kg
Ian Evans England M6 +100kg
Richard Hurst England M6 -100kg
Daniel Murphy England M6 -100kg
Eddie Orgee England M6 -66kg
Martin Apps England M6 -66kg
Stuart Appleby England M6 -66kg
Kevin Eve England M6 -73kg
Robert Longmuir Scotland M6 -73kg
Adrian Besly England M6 -81kg
Martin Shotbolt England M6 -81kg
Jim Toland Northern Ireland M6 -81kg
John Thacker Scotland M6 -81kg
Michael Johannes Botes South Africa M6 -81kg
John Goodwin England M6 -90kg
Liston Wingate-Denys England M6 -90kg
Kevin Kinney England M6 -90kg
Virender Vashist India M6 -90kg
Gavin Abel Northern Ireland M6 -90kg
Martin Howie Scotland M6 -90kg
Peter Harvey Scotland M6 -90kg
Glenn Spiers Scotland M6 -90kg
David James Wales M6 -90kg
Paul Jones England M7 +100kg
Nick Kokotaylo England M7 +100kg
Laurence Kenyon England M7 +100kg
Ram Gopal India M7 +100kg
James McKelvie Scotland M7 +100kg
Hugh Ferns Scotland M7 +100kg
Patrick Bryan England M7 -100kg
Michael Hunt England M7 -100kg
Clive Biggs England M7 -66kg
Bernard Cockton England M7 -66kg
Satya Prakesh Rana India M7 -66kg
Satpaul Rana India M7 -66kg
Satpaul Rana India M7 -66kg
Roland Manuel England M7 -73kg
Michael Pearson England M7 -73kg
Christopher Doherty England M7 -73kg
Alexander Kirk Scotland M7 -73kg
Glen Judd England M7 -81kg
Simon Woods Wales M7 -90kg
Frank Boardman England M7 -90kg
Dean Douglas England M7 -90kg
Clive Douglas England M7 -90kg
Rajeev Lochan Seth India M7 -90kg
Philip Smith England M8 +100kg
Derek Smith England M8 -100kg
Christopher Hunt England M8 -100kg
Rob Holden England M8 -73kg
Philip Smithson England M8 -73kg
James Birnie Scotland M8 -81kg
Joseph Johnson England M8 -90kg
David Willer England M8 -90kg
Thomas Moyse England M8 -100kg
Peter Hoar England M8 -100kg
Danny Bidgood England M9 -73kg
Roy Muller England M9 -73kg
Kenneth Alan Jones Wales M9 -73kg
Michele Agnelli Guernsey M9 -81kg
David Tompkins England M9 -90kg
Terry Watt Northern Ireland M9 -90kg