2019 British Championships (Pre-Cadet and Cadet) Entry List

The 2019 British Championships for Pre-Cadets and Cadets is taking place on Saturday 30th November and Sunday 1st December 2019 at the English Institute of Sport, Sheffield.

The Saturday will feature the Pre-Cadet Girls and Cadet Boys competitions, with the Sunday’s action seeing the Pre-Cadet Boys and Cadet Girls taking to the mat. Entry lists for all these categories can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Pre Cadets and Cadets Event Information:

Weight Categories:

Pre-Cadet Boys:  -34kg, -38kg, -42kg, -46kg, -50kg, -55kg, -60kg, -66kg, -73kg +73kg
Pre-Cadet Girls: -32kg, -36kg, -40kg, -44kg, -48kg, -52kg, -57kg, -63kg, -70kg +70kg

Cadet Boys: -42kg, -46kg, -50kg, -55kg, -60kg, -66kg, -73kg, -81kg, U90kg, +90kg
Cadet Girls: -40kg, -44kg, -48kg, -52kg, -57kg, -63kg, -70kg, +70kg

Registration and Weigh In:

Cadet Boys: Saturday 30th November 2019: 07:30hrs – 08:30hrs EIS, Sheffield Badminton Hall
Pre Cadet Girls: Saturday 30th November 2019: 12:00hrs – 13:00hrs EIS, Sheffield Badminton Hall
Cadet Girls: Sunday 1st December 2019: 07:30hrs – 08:30hrs EIS, Sheffield Badminton Hall
Pre Cadet Boys: Sunday 1st December 2019: 10:00hrs – 11:00hrs EIS, Sheffield Badminton Hall

Competition is due to start at 9:30am on both days

Final Pre Cadet and Cadet Entry List (Click Here)

Entry lists for the Junior and Senior Championships will be posted week commencing 2nd December