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Southern Area Contacts

The Southern Area Committee was formed circa 1960. George Edwards was the first Chairman, followed by Cliff Baker-Brown, Mick Leigh, with Barry James now in post.

Aim: To provide an all embracing Judo service for members of the Southern Area.

1 To organize events
2 To provide coaching courses in each category for officials, coaches, players
3 To safeguard and distribute the financial resources allocated by the BJA
4 To represent the Area’s interests nationally and to foster contacts with other Areas and countries.

The Committee comprises a balanced group of experienced judoka who co-operate to implement the outcome of the objectives.

President: Mick Leigh mick_leigh33@hotmail.com  
Chair: Barry James barry3james@hotmail.com 07785534068
Vice-Chair:man: Alan Rickard alan.rickard@yahoo.co.uk  
Secretary: Tina Penfold tina.penfold_tiger@yahoo.co.uk 07527394222
Treasurer Richardson Anderson rkanderson2009@yahoo.co.uk  
Female Teams' Manager: Simone Callender southernareajudo@googlemail.com  
Male Teams' Manager: Terry Malkinson terrymalkinson@aol.com  
Technical Director: Andrew Moshanov andrewmoshanov@yahoo.co.uk 07725319179
BJA Council Representative: Alan Rickard alan.rickard@yahoo.co.uk  
Website Administrator: Martin Rivers martin_rivers@hotmail.com  

Competitions Committee

Chair: Jean Lingham jean.lingham@tiscali.co.uk
Hants: Nicky Sexton Nickyandpaul@aol.com 
Surrey: Graeme Beagley graham-judo@tinyworld.co.uk
Sussex: Roy Luff rluff@aol.com

Disciplinary and Honours

Chair: Mick Leigh mick.leigh33@hotmail.com
Member: Barry James barry3james@hotmail.com
Member: TBA  

Finance Committee

Chair: Alan Rickard alan.rickard@yahoo.co.uk
Member: Richard Anderson rkanderson2009@yahoo.co.uk 
Member: Mick Leigh mick_leigh33@hotmail.com 
Member: Barry James barry3james@hotmail.com

General Purpose Committee

Chair: Barry James barry3james@hotmail.com
Member: Mick Leigh mick_leigh33@hotmail.com
Member: Tina Penfold tina.penfold_tiger@yahoo.co.uk

Kata Committee

Chair and Area Kata Coach Dennis Penfold tina.penfold_tiger@yahoo.co.uk
Area Kata Coach: Tina Penfold tina.penfold_tiger@yahoo.co.uk
Sussex: Martin Rivers martin_rivers@hotmail.com 
Member: Jon Patterson  

Personal Safety Co-ordinator

Personal Safety Co-ordinator: Rob Murly  MurlyR@aol.com

Promotions and Examiners Committee

Director of Examiners: Dave Stanley david.stanley103@ntlworld.com
Area Registrar: Graham Turner grahamturner2806@gmail.com

Refereeing Committee

Chair: Martin Rivers martin_rivers@hotmail.com
Examinations Co-ordinator: Lisa Harrison judoref@hotmail.com 
Referee Co-ordinator: Peter Seymour plseymour1@gmail.com
Technical Advisor: Andrew Tremlett andy.tremlett@btinternet.com

Special Needs Co-ordinator

Special Needs Co-ordinator: Johan Harrison johnharrison524@btinternet.com

County Representatives

Hampshire: Paul Sexton Nicky@paul@aol.com
Kent: Alan Lingham jean.lingham@tiscali.co.uk
Sussex: Martin Rivers martin_rivers@hotmail.com
Surrey: Alan Rickard alan.rickard@yahoo.co.uk