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Self Defence Commission

Self Defence Commission members 

Name: Eddie Awford, 6th Dan

Director and Chair of the Judo for Self-Defence Commission

Eddie has been a Director of the BJA for ten years and is currently in his third term of office and is Chairman of the BJA National Kata Commission.  Eddie is also Area Technical Director for the BJA Midland Area and Self-Defence Co-ordinator.  He is a BJA Senior Examiner, BJA Senior Kata Examiner and BJA Senior Level 3 Coach.  He is an Assessor and Lead Verifier for the BJA UKCC. 

Name: Dave Edmonds, 5th Dan

David is a qualified accountant has spent over 10 years developing and managing Self Defence and Personal Safety Courses and Programs for Local Government, Schools, School Sports Partnerships, Universities and Multinational Companies.  David was appointed Head of Corporate Training by the BJA in 2012 to lead the development of the Association’s Self Defence and Personal Safety training Programs.  He is an EJU Master Coach, BJA Level 3 coach, BJA National Senior Examiner, TDA, National Kata Examiner, National ‘C’ Referee and National Official (Level 1).

Name: Matt Clempner, 6th Dan

Matt has been involved in Judo since the ten.  He was a national squad member 1978/79 and to further develop, he trained in Ju Jitsu and Boxing.  After joining the Police Force he became involved in Police Judo, becoming a Police National Coach, PTI and Self-Defence Instructor training Police Officers in Self Defence.  He has also been involved as an Instructor on National courses.  Matt has held national titles in Wrestling, Police Judo and Taiho Jutsu and has represented Great Britain at Olympic, World and European level for Wrestling, medalling twice at USPE (European Championships for Police).  He was awarded International Master of Sport in Moscow for Sambo in 1994.  Matt is a member of the Police Sport UK Committee for Judo, Wrestling and Weight Lifting and is Chief Adviser and Co-ordinator to the International Police Association Defensive Tactics Group. Matt is a Fellow of the Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences. 

Name: Jim MacKenzie

Jim was a soldier for 42 years, his main Army role being a Physical Educator in the Army Physical Training Corps.  He was an Army International and represented the Services at Judo on a number of occasions.  He held the positions of Army Judo Coach, Army Team Manager, Inter-Service Team Manager and the Army Combat Specialist (Judo, Aikido, Boxing). He was the Judo, Self Defence and Aikido advisor to the Army on all combat matters.  Jim is currently the Army Area Director of Coaching, Area Director of Examiners and has held these positions (on/off) over a career spanning some 46 years. He holds a Level 3 Coaching Certificate, is a BJA 5th Dan, a 1st Dan Aikido, holds the BJA Senior Examiner Award, and is a BJA Senior Kata Examiner, a BJA National Kata Judge.  Jim also held the National BJA PSA Award.  He holds a Level 3 Certificate for Delivery of Conflict Management Training (City& Guilds), the National Certificate for Door Supervisors and he is a Member of the Institute for Learning (IfL).  Jim retired from being a Physical Educator in 2010 but is still the current Army Judo Course Director of Coaching. 

Name: Eamonn Rooney 

Eamonn is a UKCC Level 2 Coach and is currently UKSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach to the Northern Ireland Team.  He is a former Northern Ireland International player and for the past 20 years has managed his own gym and fitness business.  Since completing the BJA Personal Safety Advisors course in 2002, Eamonn has been involved in teaching self-defence and delivering personal safety awareness courses to schools and women’s groups within the South Down area.

Name: Rob Murley

The British Judo Association (BJA) is committed to ensuring that everyone is given the opportunity to participate in the sport of judo by removing barriers, widening opportunities and increasing choice.

The Self Defence Commission has been appointed by the Board of Directors to deliver this commitment and ensure that all our members enjoy the same sporting opportunities and choices.

Further that in delivering Self Defence within the association and throughout its partner organisations, we maximise inward investment and take every step to ensure "best practice".

Self Defence Commision Meeting Minutes:

Self Defence Commision Minutes - 20/04/13

Self Defence Commision Minutes


The meeting will be chaired by an appointed member of the BJA Board of Directors.


The Commission will meet a minimum of twice each year.


The Commission will consist of a minimum of 6 members including the Chairperson


The meeting quorum for voting purposes shall be the chairperson and a minimum of 3 ordinary members.

Voting Rules

Any decision, to be valid, will require a majority vote. In the case of a tie the chairperson shall have the right to cast the deciding vote.


The Terms of reference are by no means definitive. They will be reviewed and updated as appropriate on an annual cycle.

Commission Remit

  • To report into the Board of Directors of the BJA as required. To produce reports with recommendations as requested by the BJA Board of Directors on any relevant issues.
  • To support the core activities of British Judo so far as they relate to self defence e.g. Goshin jutsu and kime-no-kata
  • To ensure that the activity of the Commission is developed throughout the United Kingdom and is appropriate to home country regulations and statutes.
  • Organise the structure and technical content of all Commission programmes.
  • Encourage the growth of BJA membership, when applicable, amongst those participating in programmes agreed and implemented by the Commission.
  • Protect and project a positive image of the BJA generally throughout all of the *Commissions programmes.
  • Publicise the activity of Commission throughout the United Kingdom and with the particular use of the Matside magazine and the on-line BJA Newsletter.
  • Develop programmes that will be BJA Accredited.
  • Arrange coach development and coaching courses in order to develop the activity of Commission throughout the entire United Kingdom.
  • Act as an awarding body to qualify coaches’ at all relevant levels as appropriate to the Commission business.
  • Authorised to set levels of fees applicable to all aspects of the Commissions programmes and any Commission activities.
  • Determine the overall range and nature of activities that the BJA will engage within the Commissions programmes.
  • Control the quality of coaches, accredited to deliver the Commissions programmes for both BJA and non-BJA members.
  • Ensure inclusivity of access along with fairness and equality of treatment in all programmes and for all participants.
  • Maintain links to all relevant bodies both internal and external to the BJA

Note. * Commission Programmes - refers to any programme of work implemented to deliver the Self defence Commission key business activities.