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Schools2DojoEvery sports club in the country is striving to maintain or increase their club membership, therefore, British Judo created School 2 Dojo to support judo clubs. School 2 Dojo is designed to encourage more young people to go from school based activity to practice in community judo clubs.

Government results have revealed that 13% of schools are currently offering judo as an after school activity. Although this percentage is promising, there is still room for improvement when compared to sports such as Volleyball (25%) and Cycling (55%).

Previously the emphasis has been on the BJA club to develop and build a formal link with its local primary or secondary schools, in order to recruit and retain more people in judo clubs. Although this will still be a key component, school pupils can still get involved with off the mat activities such as table officiating, producing a club newsletter, writing funding bids, collating ClubMark folder and writing press releases. These are all key areas of a local judo that school pupils can support with, therefore, the school will now be recognition for their involvement in the local community.

Barriers to young people doing judo in local clubs

Unfortunately, numerous barriers exist to getting on the judo mat in the local club, for example:

  • Time
  • Transport links 
  • Money
  • Conflict with other sports
  • Conflict with education
  • Pre-conceptions of what judo involves

However, there are some fantastic case studies of how judo clubs have successfully tackled some of these barriers.

The available resources to start the process of linking with a local school are:

BJA School 2 Dojo Link Agreements – This will highlight how the link will work and ensure what each partner has committed. Please select yellowblue or black.

School 2 Dojo Programme Criteria  – The criteria for each grade of link between schools and the club.


The School 2 Dojo Resource Kit, targeting Primary and Secondary Schools, will be provided only to Clubmark, or working towards, Clubs.

•  A one page guide to best practice when working with schools

  A supply of School 2 Dojo judo leaflets (100) to give out during assemblies or sessions - Vibrant and child appealing welcome to judo, and signposting to their local club (box on the back so that the club can write their name, address and telephone number).

•  School 2 Dojo Posters (10) etc - Eye catching judo poster with signposting to their local judo club (box for the club to write their name, address and telephone number). These can be displayed in schools, PE departments etc.

•  Information sheets – Schools 2 Dojo / MonSTAR / top tips for working in schools

•  Taster session plans – For 1 or 2 coaches to deliver a fun and informative taster session in assemblies or lunchtimes.

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