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National Kata Commission


  • To train and develop National Kata Judges, Senior Kata Examiners, Kata Examiners and to facilitate Kata courses.
  • To identify and select a National Kata Team to represent BJA at both the EJU European Kata Championships in Koper, Slovenia May 2012 and the IJF Kata World Championships in Pordenone, Italy September 2012.

Terms of Reference

  • To Promote, Review & Update all aspects of good practice in Kata.
  • To oversee the updating and implementation of BJA Kata & Kata activities.
  • To provide for Examinations in five Kodokan Kata. (Nage-no Kata, Katame-no-Kata, Ju-no-Kata, Kime-no-Kata and Kodokan Goshin Jutsu.
  • To organise selection event(s) and select the BJA Kata Team for entry into EJU and IJF Championships.
  • To facilitate training of IJF, EJU & BJA National Kata Judges.
  • To facilitate training for Senior Kata Examiners and Kata Examiners, monitor and review their activities.
  • To consider and select appointments of BJA Kata Judges, Senior Kata Examiners and Kata Examiners.
  • To provide Kata Courses, Seminars and Revalidation Events, etc. to promote and oversee Kata development.
  • To organize, provide and run National Kata Championships.