Judo Refereeing courses play a central role in educating individuals to manage judo contests in a safe, enjoyable fashion whilst applying the laws of judo as prescribed by the International Judo Federation.

British Judo run a range of different refereeing courses throughout the year.  

What’s involved on a Judo Refereeing Course?

Judo refereeing courses are typically run over a weekend/series of weekends and cover a range of modules and topics suitable for the level of award you are studying for.

There are typically between 6 and 12 candidates on a Club Referee to National C Referee award courses with between 2 and 6 on a National B Referee and National A Referee courses. There is one tutor for every 10 candidates. Candidates are formally assessed on the final day of the course with an assessor(s) deployed to examine the candidates.

Finding a Refereeing Course

British Judo run a range of different refereeing courses across the country annually.

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