The Area Referee award is the second level of refereeing qualification awarded by British Judo.

If you already hold a Club Referee award and want to develop your refereeing knowledge and skills further, this is the award for you. Alternatively, you may be at least 15 years and 1st Kyu / 18th mon, this is also a valid entry criterion.

The training module for the Area Referee award is run over 1 day and focusses on all of the basic needs of a judo referee including shime-waza and kansetsu-waza, the examination is a separate day where the referee will be refereeing at an event after having had some practice events as a trainee/club referee.

On successful completion of the training module, theory examination and practical assessment, candidates will receive a British Judo Association Area Referee award and will be able to referee in appropriate events. This will include Dan grading’s at over 16 years old. 

You can find listings of Area Referee courses on our Events Calendar