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London Area Contacts

Website: http:/londonjudo.org

President: Tony Sweeney tonysweeney@hotmail.com  
Chairman: Peter Blewett petercharlesblewett@lineone.net 07774 713910
Vice Chairman: Ray Stevens raystevensuk@yahoo.co.uk  
Treasurer: Nadia Minardi londonjudotreasurer@gmail.com  
Area Technical Director: Ricky Haynes richardjudo@aol.com 0208 524 775
Assistant ATD: Dave Dunsford ldunsford@sky.com  
Director of Referees: Kevin Mason  kevinmasonlondonjudorefs@gmail.com 07943219289
Director of Examiners: Ferdie Baronette ferdie.baronette@camden.gov.uk  
Committee Members: Glenn Spiers glennspiers@yahoo.co.uk  
  Gary Currier northbrookjudoclub@gmail.com  
  Adrian Treveil adrian.24@ntlworld.com  




London Competition Commission

Sharon Cottis      
Helen Davies hd2702@btinternet.com