Juniors take gold in British Championships

The Institute of Sport in Sheffield was treated to a day of exciting sporting action in the 2015 Junior British Championships on Saturday 12 December with the next generation of British judoka producing some outstanding judo.

With a number of strong cadets looking to back up their efforts from the previous weekend and with the prospect of a place in the Senior Championships with a top two placing it was no surprise that so many contests came down to the wire.

Olivia Piechota (JSC/Harris) took the Junior title in the -44kg category for the third year running, a great way to end a year that has seen her crowned Cadet Player of the Year.

In the +100kg Valentino Volante produced some superb tactical judo to hold off the challenge of the powerhouse Cadet heavyweight Wesley Greenidge to take gold.

Peter Miles (Bradley Stoke) continued his comeback from injury as he won the -60kg category holding off the challenge of David Ferguson (Pro Judo).

The -70kg was another exciting category with Kelly Petersen (Hardy Spicer 83) producing a superb win over Shelley Ludford (Osaka) to take the title.

Junior British Championships medallists:

Junior Women’s:

-44kg GOLD: Olivia Piechota (JSC/Harris) SILVER: Amy Platten (Redbridge) BRONZE: Jaime-Leigh Whitaker (Glossop) & Corlia Robertson (Kin Ryu)

-48kg, GOLD: Molly Harvey (Tonbridge) SILVER: Yasmin Gordon (Sportif) BRONZE Erin Reden (Clyde) & Jodie Jordan (Abbey)

-52kg, GOLD Chelsie Giles, (Coventry) SILVER: Stephanie Walker (Bradley Stoke) BRONZE: Yasmin Javadian (Coventry) & Molly Storey (East Yorkshire Judo Academy)

-57kg, GOLD: Jodie Caller (Renzoku) SILVER: Acelya Toprak (Metro) BRONZE: Abbi Blackie (Sportif) & Josie Steele (Highland Budokan)

-63kg, GOLD: Prisca Awiti (Enfield) SILVER: Eilish Walker (Just Judo) BRONZE: Olivia Spellman (Pinewood) & Lucy Day (Redbridge)

-70kg, GOLD: Kelly Petersen (Hardy Spicer 83) SILVER: Shelley Ludford (Osaka) BRONZE: Sarah Hill (Camberley) & Leanne Henlon (Westcroft)

-78kg, GOLD: Rachel Tytler (Pro Judo) SILVER: Elin Lloyd (Wolverhampton) BRONZE: Jade Warr (Osaka)

+78kg, GOLD: Michelle Boyle (Esprit) SILVER: Charlotte Newbold (Redbridge) BRONZE Kelly Wright (Redbridge)

Junior Men’s:

-55kg, GOLD: Showgo Kimura (Ealing) SILVER: Ashton Whalley (Beach) BRONZE: Henry Wakes (Shadsworth/SKK) & Ottavio Razzine (Huddersfield)

-60kg, GOLD: Peter Miles (Bradley Stoke) SILVER: David Ferguson (Pro Judo) BRONZE: Billy Goldsmith (Budokwai/Anglia Ruskin0 & Ryan Burt (Ealing)

-66kg, GOLD: Alexander Short (Edinburgh Club) SILVER: Abdurrahman Chaatouf (Greenhouse EB Phoenix) BRONZE: George Goldsmith (Budokwai) & Jack Barnes (Fighting Fitness)

-73kg, GOLD: Dan Powell (Wolverhampton) SILVER: Eric Ham (Glossop) BRONZE: Jacob Lovell-Hewitt (Stroud) & James Hayes (Bradley Stoke)

-81kg, GOLD: Stuart McWatt (Garioch) SILVER: Harry Lovell-Hewitt (Stroud) BRONZE: Aiden Donald (Grimsby) & Oscar Di Domenico (Jidel)

-90kg, GOLD: Jamal Petgrave (Westcroft) SILVER: Tomas Luckus (Greenhouse EB Phoenix) BRONZE: James Reid (Murakwai) & Del Imrie (Jidel)

-100kg, GOLD: Rhys Thompson (Enfield) SILVER: Cailin Calder (Esprit) BRONZE: Yacine Sifi (Willow-Heart) & Alex Vasekin (Happidojo)

+100kg, GOLD: Valentino Volante (JudoScotland) SILVER: Wesley Greenidge (Enfield) BRONZE James Pentland (Hazama)

Full results below can be download here: http://www.judotechnologies.com/results/