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General Officiating

Membership Information - Technical Officials (All Levels)

BJA Technical Officials who do not step foot onto a judo mat do not need to pay BJA membership but still need to register with the BJA; in order to be included in the Officiating database, be insured to work at BJA competitions and have the opportunity to be invited to work at events across the country.  Anyone in this position can register for free volunteer membership.

There are no benefits associated with the Volunteer Membership; Volunteer members will not receive a quarterly issues of the Matside magazine.

Individuals, who are not judoka, but who are just starting out as Officials will be asked to complete a Volunteer Membership Form when sitting their Timekeeper paper. 

Transfers to Volunteer Membership

Current Officials, who would like to transfer their membership to volunteer status can do so by downloading a Volunteer Membership form.

Once completed this form will need to be returned to the BJA Volunteer Development Team, either by post or via email to sarah.down@britishjudo.org.uk

Refunds on any membership costs already incurred are not possible, therefore we recommend doing this only when your current membership is due to expire.

Please note that any Official who participates in Judo either recreationally or competitively must still purchase BJA membership.  The Volunteer Membership will only insure individuals to Officiate at events not to step foot onto a judo mat.

Technical Officials Timekeeper Form 

For all individuals embarking on the Technical Officials path and training as a Timekeeper, please collect your training evidence using the official Timekeeper form available here. Ensure you take this to all events in order to collect the required 3 signatures from either a Senior Recorder (SR) or Competition Controller (CC). On completion of attendance requirements and receipt of this form, British Judo will recognise you as a Timekeeper qualified to work at our events. 

This policy supersedes any previous requirements and will be implemented from the moment this information is circulated.

Revised Technical Officials Qualification System

Following a Board meeting on the 16th February 2016, several changes have been made to the Technical Officials Qualification System. This includes changes to the examination criteria and the syllabus for Timekeepers/ Scorers, Contest recorders, Senior Recorders, Competition Controllers and Tutors & Examiners. We are confident that these changes will lead to the improved efficiency and effectiveness of all Technical Officials within British Judo.

Click here to read all of the changes.

This policy supersedes any previous requirements and will be implemented from the moment this information is circulated.