Dan Grade Promotions – January 2016

Moving into the Dan grades is a special moment that all judoka will treasure. Whether a lifetime goal or a happy co-incidence of hard work and dedication to the sport of judo, Dan grade promotions deserve to be recognised.

At the end of each month, we will publish the names of all judoka promoted to 1st Dan and above. If you achieve a grade promotion (either Mon, Kyu or Dan) in the next month please send in your grading photos and we will publish them alongside the new gradings next month!

Send in your photos to communications@britishjudo.org.uk or share them with us on our facebook page or on twitter @BritishJudo


Name Club
To 1st Dan  
Aimee Grant Highland Budokan Judo Club
Andrew Smith  SJC Alba
Bernard Tunney Hosaka Kwai
Bettina Mitchell Moonrakers Judo Club
Bryony Dunn Falcon Judo
Clare Bowie Kin Ryu Judo Club
Curtis Brown N/A
David Robinson Cherry Judo Club
Fabio Gentile University of Nottingham Judo Club
Georgios Simadopoulos Budokwai
Ian Dredge Gendros Judo Club
Joshua Giles Coventry Judo Club
Josie Steele Highland Budokan Judo Club
Kenneth Cronin Clacton Judo Club
Kevin Pope Bedford Judo Club
Kirstyn Chase Kin Ryu Judo Club
Marine Dupoiron Cambridge University Judo Club
Paul Fothergill Blackpool Keidokwai Judo Club
Reece Hustwitt Wickford Judo Ryu
Stefano Allodi N/A
Thomas Ingram South Brent Judo Club
Vassilissa Zukova Bradford Judo Club
To 2nd Dan   
David Nichols Warrington Warjukwai JC
Eoin O’Cuinneagain York Railway Institute J C
Gemma Howell Wolverhampton Judo Club
James McCullough Simply Judo
Joseph Millar Simply Judo
Kevin McEnteggart N/A
Michael Skakles N/A
Oscar Munoz Waterloo Judo Club
Paul Williams N/A
Rachel Wheatley Oxford University Judo Club
Samuel Atkinson Templegate Judo
Verity Stephens Team Red Star (Leicester)
To 3rd Dan   
Ignacio Portelli RS Wimbledon Judo Club
Samson Omonua Pinewood Judo Club
To 4th Dan  
Simon Hill York Railway Institute J C
To 5th Dan  
David Rance N/A
Afshin Shahverdi Southlands Judo Club
Jamie Bunyan York Railway Institute J C
To 7th Dan  
William Cusack N/A
To 8th Dan  
Eddie Cassidy N/A

All Dan grade promotions up to 31st January 2016 are included in the table above.

Congratulations to all promoted judoka!