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Criteria for England Representation


1. An England Squad player with identified Performance History
2. An England Talent Development Squad Cadet or Junior who has achieved and developed Technical and Physical Benchmarks.
3. In Adherence to the England Programme

  • England Squad Area Training
    • Monthly Session within Area, absence communicated and agreed
  • ExCell Programme
    • Weekly Session, absence communicated and agreed
    • Compulsory for ALL ETD Squad Players in an ExCell in their Area
  • England National Squad Training
    • 5 x 1 day Squad Training sessions per year, absence communicated and agreed
  • ETD Squad Training Camps
    • 4 Squad Training Camps per year, absence communicated and agreed

4. Consideration of current competition Performance Standards
5. Current Illness and Injury status
6. Consideration of Performance behaviours , including weight management, performance in training and disciplinary matters


Players may be deselected at any time:

  • If they do not fully participate in the event preparation and team activity programme
  • If their performance following selection falls below the required standard
  • If there are weight management issues (according to BJA weight policy for U18 year olds- available on the website)
  • If they are medically unfit to compete as a result of injury or illness
  • If there is behaviour or other issues
  • If they act in any way which is deemed to be detrimental to the BJA

We retain the right to require a player to undergo a fitness test and/or a β€˜fit to compete’ test at any time.