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British Judo Trust

The British Judo Trust has full charitable status and enhances the development of the sport throughout the UK in more targeted areas and for more targeted people.  

The aim of the British Judo Trust is to generate additional income that can directly support the development of the sport of judo within the UK.  Funds raised by the Trust will create extra resources which will complement and expand the existing development work carried out by the British Judo Association.

In accordance with the charitable objectives set out in the Trust's governing document, the Trust will support activity within three key programmes:

1. Widening Participation

2. Developing People

3. Facility Development

How to Apply for Funding (Groups/Individual)

The British Judo Trust have a funding process in place, to promote Judo, clubs and individual players. 

Clubs/organsations can apply for up to £5000 and individuals up to £1000.

Visit www.britishjudotrust.org.uk or email info@britishjudotrust.org.uk for more information