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2013 England Squad Identification - Pre Cadet, Cadet and Junior and Transition

A critical component for the success of English Judo relies on an objective approach to selection, together with a programme of continuous talent development.

Identification to the England Squad embraces these components utilising the British Ranking events together with a tightly aligned points system, used to select only the β€œvery best” players.


To be eligible, players must meet the following criteria:

  • Be Resident inEngland, born inEnglandor have a parent born inEngland.
  • Hold a BJA license or a license of an affiliated body of judo
  • Hold a British passport
  • Hold a minimum grade of 10th Mon (green belt)
  • Born between 2000 and 1992 

2. Routes for identification

There are three routes to selection. The first two use a prescribed set of events; the third is through a talent identification programme. The details for each of these routes are set out below.


2.1 Initial Identification

Initially the England Squad for Cadet and Junior will be identified at the end of October using the British Ranking List. Identification for PreCadet will be through the events listed in 2.1.1. Identification for Transition athletes will be through the events competed in final year of Junior (performances at Junior and Senior Ranking events)


2.1.1    Identification Events for Pre Cadets

1.  Midlands
2.   Northwest
3.   Heart ofEngland
4.   British Championships

2.2       Great Britain representation at major EJU/IJF events

English players who represented Great Britain at the following events will gain automatic selection.

  • European Cadet Championships
  • European Youth Olympic Festival (as applicable)
  • World Cadet Championships
  • Junior European Championships
  • Junior World Championships

2.3       Long Term Potential

Players with long term potential, identified by the England Squad coaches in partnership with coaches working within the Performance Cell framework, will be considered for co-option. Other factors that will be taken into account include previous performances in existing England Squad  events as well as technical, tactical, physical, mental and lifestyle attributes.